3 March

Oh boy what a week!

      This week wasn´t terrible but could have been better….
      I don´t know why but things here are just moving slow, well, when we aren´t teaching some of our really awesome investigators.  I´m getting a little tired of the slow work.  There are times that we just don´t know what to do and that really bugs me.  but oh well, it can only get better :).
      So with the really awesome family, we are having a little bit of trouble meeting up with them… any of them…. They weren´t able to come to church yesterday, and our cita in the night fell through…. But always have faith and good things will follow.
      Our other really awesome investigator keeps getting more awesome with every visit.  Her name is Yanina.  Her story with us is a little weird but awesome at the same time.  She is a contact that Elder Madariaga and I found.  We simply just knocked on her door.  And here, some people have these doors with little portions that you can open and look through to see who it is, and this is how we talked, through the little opening.  So i gave her a little card with the articles of faith, and on the back i wrote that there are meeting every sunday in the chaple. The next week, we knocked on her door again, and the same thing, we just talked for 5 minutes through the little opening.  But that week she came to church, however we were not able to set an appointment with her that week.  But she came to church again the next week, and we finally set a lesson with her.  So by the time we had the first lesson, she had already come to church twice, it was pretty awesome.  The first lesson went well, we taught the word of wisdom because she asked us about it, and she said that she doesn´t have any problems with it. so awesome!  After that she came to church again, and we set another cita,  this time we taught the reseration, and invited her to be baptised and she accepted!  We met with her again two days later (Friday) just to watch a video about Christ to help her faith, and she was crying by the end, it was epic.  At the end of the video, she told us that she wanted to postpone the baptism for one week.  This isn´t terrible but isn´t great either.  So Elder Rodriguez and I bore our testimonies and just talked with her and she told us that the original date would be fine!  Through the course of the lessons and church meeting, she has told us that God is already blessing her and that she feels the spirit more.  She constantly tells us that she wants to hear the word of God and change her life, and it´s awesome to see her work to accomplish those things.
      On friday, i also went on my first work exchanges, well, the Zone Leader came to my zone so… yeah….  I was working with Elder Hicken all that day.  It went pretty well, we met lots of people and talked with a couple of members too.  In truth, there isn´t much to report outside of this haha.
DAD- So FR is still around huh?  I wouldn´t have called the fire department either…it´s just a cat haha.  And is real reggie still around?  Do you know where Peru placed in the olympics? and when does real start up again?
MOM-  That sounds like an awesome week! so Sister Dalton came to the school, good ol weber?  That missionary activity is awesome!  I wish they would have done it more when i was in young mens… did you cry haha?  Brother baldree and chambers… that sounds awesome haha.  So with the asistence at church yesterday, we don´t know for sure, it was stake conference and we only know of 1 investigator and 1 family of less actives for sure… but there could have been more, we don´t know….  Hey can you send me the recipe for missionary lasagna, and maybe a few other easy things to cook?
Andy- I´m glad that you moved, it sounds like you´ll have a better time over there, and if you can still go on the cruz anyway, why not?  So did you ask for the interview, or did the ask you?  So why is this chica going to new zealand?  One of my good friends is serving his mission there, bytheway.
J&S-  It´s good to hear from you guys!  Sounds like all is well with school, work, and the new placement of the furniture haha.  Do you know much about the condo and how nice it is?
ERIC- ¿Cuando terminal este sesión de escuela? ¿Que esta estudiando? ¿Todavía jugando fútbol con sus amigos? ¿Va a salir con la otra chica otra vez? ¿has sido en casa por 6 meses? No se exactamente, pero voy a cumplir 6 meses bien cerca… no lo me gusta… tiempo durante la mision is bien extraño, no siento que haya sido aqui por 6 meses
los amo
Elder Griffin

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