24 February

Howdy howdy!

      Sounds like things are going well back home!  So good to hear from you guys as always!
      Things with Elder Rodriguez are going great.  He is awesome!  It´s really interesting to see the change in an area and in a companionship when you get along better and are more obedient…. Now after lunch, we actually start working right after lunch, not at 3.  We wake up half an hour early at 6 to go running, it´s awesome! (and mom, i have eaten breakfast almost every day since he got here)
      Things here are going well.  I really don´t know what to think about the week, there are a lot of different angles you can look at it…. As far as the numbers, we didn´t really teach many to investigatores…. yet we had 8 in sacrament meeting yesterday…. we taught a ton of less actives and had 6 come to church… so i don´t know…. we didn´t really have a great week for teaching, but yest we are seeing more investigators progressing somehow….  We are working hard but just aren´t teaching much… i don´t quite understand how it works sometimes haha.
      We were supposed to have a lesson with the Family of Gold (the nickname we gave them because we don´t know their last name haha) but it fell through.  They still came to church yesterday tho… every last one of them… all 5…. So that was pretty sweet.  And we were supposed to have a lesson with them last night too, but we had a surprise training thing in the stake and had to cancel.  It was really frustrating because we really like teaching them and the meeting didn´t really have any info for us missionaries…. but oh well, there has to be a reason for it….
      We are also teaching this girl named Yanine, she is an investigator that we just randomly met knocking on doors.  The story with her is a little weird… we talked to her 2 at her house… through the little window in her door… and she just started coming to church… she came 2 weeks in a row before we even had the first lesson with here… so she now has 3 asists and only one lesson.  It is a little difficult because she can only meet with us wednesday nights… but little by little we´ll work with her.  She keeps telling us that she wants to learn the work of God and change her life, lucky, thats what i like to think missionaries do… so who better to help her then us.  We have a lesson with her Wednesday and we plan on inviting her to baptism.
      Last week we meet another guy who seems pretty interested.  We met him in the house of a member.  We just stopped by to visit them and ask for references and he was just chilling, so we started to talk to him.  His name is Victor.  He said that he is a little Atheist, but he wants to believe in God through our lessons so… yeah… we gave him a Book of Mormon and set a time for another visit.  When we got to the appointment a few days latter, he said that he had been reading and had a lot of really great questions.  Unfortunetly he couldn´t come to church this week but says he probably will be able to this week.
      The other investigator that we have right now is the cousin of one of the kids in the ward.  His name is Alberto.  We met him using the area book.  And he seems pretty interested as well.  He is part of a Christian church but isn´t really active in it.  It was similar to Victor because we gave him a BOM and set up an appointment, and when we got there he had been reading and had a lot of excellent questions that lead right into the Resoration.  He, like Victor, was not able to come to church however, but hopefully will be able to this week.
      Now for the less actives…..
      The first one that I want to talk about is a Mom and kind of her family.  Her name is Saundra, she has a husband and 2 kids that are all inactive.  The first time we talked to her we left thinking that she was very strange.  But when we went back a few days later, after we built some confidence, she really opened up and pretty much told us her life story and she is awesome!  She now has expressed that she want to start attending with her kids again so that is awesome!  But she wan´t able to come to church because she is traveling right now….
      The last family i want to talk about is probably one of the most awesome families ever!  We recieved the for the family Gonsalez in the leadershipo meeting thing last week and after a few days, we enountered them.  The husband was in the bishopbric and was the president of various other quorums and for reasons that we don´t know, he fell away from the church.  But when we met up with them for the first time.  The first thing he told us is that he wants to talk with the bishop and start coming back to church!  It was awesome!  At this point, we were only talking with the husband cuz the wife and daughter weren´t home yet.  They soon arrived.  I can´t believe how strong the spirit was with them.  He told us that he had been praying for help only 10 minutes before we knocked on his door (well it was actually an intercome….)  Their daughter is only 2, but the mom told us that when they were climbing the stairs to the apartment, the daughter said that God was in their house.  The talked to us a lot about how they felt forgotten by the missionaries (they are both converts) and the ward, and that they felt like the missionaries were only focusing on numbers.  It was a real lesson to me and my comp that we can´t afford to just focus on numbers, and that we can´t afford to forget about families after baptism or reactivation.  So fast forward to saturday, we had the oppurtunity to visit them again… once again it was an awesome spirit.  I was fighting back tears during the closing prayer.  They are just an awesome family and they came to church as well….
DAD- It sounds like you and mom had a fun little get away.  So can anyone just go to these auctions and get a car cuz it sounds like the way to do it haha.  It´s weird to think that the WINTER olympics are over… admitadly a was able to see a little.  One day when we went to lunch, the family was watching, of course it was figure skating and not something awesome like skiing… but oh well, we only saw a little bit because we had to ask them to turn it off haha.  And at least the USA came in Second… thats better then every other country…. except 1… where did Peru place? And it´s already time for the 4 wheeler man to be back in the streets? haha
MOM- Yeah i guess i forgot to tell ya, i got the package about 2 weeks ago, and they are now my favorite pair of pants haha.  Our plans for the day… first we went and played soccer with our zone and one other.  It was super fun, i have forgotten how to play tho…. We then went to chilis… i may have splurged a bit and bought a steak… it wasn´t bad… but it just wasn´t the same…. after we finish writing, we are probably just going to go and take a nap, and get ready to work at 6.
ANDY- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! what is that 26, or 27? Sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday.  Where there many chicas at the dinner haha?  I´m glad that you decided to move… it sounds like the better choice to me, and in my opinion, it´s not a big deal if the others don´t agree, it´s YOUR decision….
JESS-  What´s new with you guys? are you in school, working, still living in rose park? DÍGAME
ERIC- ¿Papa me dijo que tu tienes un nueva chica? ¡Excelente! ¿Cuando ella va a salir para su misión? ¿Como la encontra? ¿Que tal la chamba/escuela?
      Pues, tengo que terminal.  Los amo para siempre
-Elder Griffin

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