10 March

Hey everybody!!!

      It was a little bit of a rougher week for us.  Our numbers were terrible (but it´s not about the numbers right?)  But i can´t dwell on that and can only do all i can to make this next week way better.
      So Yanina is pretty much awesome.  She will be getting baptised this Saturday, and i have a lot of faith in her.  She continues to accept the doctrine and pray and read and she comes to church every week.  I´m convinced that she isn´t an investigator but a convert already!  She has told us that a couple of times before church she felt bad about going but went anyway, and when she got to church she felt way better and new it was the right choice to come.  We then explained to her that the devil is working really hard on her and would continue untill the waters of baptism and onward….  So yeah… with faith, next week will be an awesome letter to write!
      The other really awesome expirience is with a guy named John.  He lives with the wife of his two children, to who he is not married.  She is a member but he isn´t.  In the begining of the week, we had a cita with him, and the first things that he told us is that he wants to get baptised and sealed in the temple!  But before that he needs to get married… but he and his wife want to get married and are working to get all of that set up! so that was pretty awesome!
      Sorry that´s about all i can right… we are a little behind today because we went to the beach again haha and are rushing to get everything ready before our lessons….
      Oh yeah… I found a scale last week, and in the middle of the day, with my proselyting clothes and big hush puppies… i weighed in at 170 pounds… pucha….
DAD- Can i say that it was nice to hear more then just a story about a cat haha.  It sounds like work is going well and keeping you busy.  But that´s good right?  So are you looking to buy a Brand new and shiny computer?  That´s sweet about RSL!  if you want… you could write more details haha… did we lose many players this year?  so when i get back i can expect the six pack right?  And it hasn´t cooled off… it´s stayed about the same since february, which is the hottest time here so it gets pretty brutal….  Yeah the pdays are still pretty fun… we went to the beach again today where i met a canadian… we play a lot of sports with other zones too…. and last week was temple week!
MOM-  Unfortunatly the work isn´t picking up much… but we can change that!  Yes i got the recipies, i´m gonna try and print them next week.  It´s not that we are cooking more, i just wanna have the option to do so… and all that i cook has to be able to do so in a frying pan… nothing more… can misisonary lasagna do so?  That´s awesome about emily too.  Her husband seemed pretty cool the one time i met him haha.  What day does school let out?  That sounds like you are going to have a pretty crazy week!  So are they not doing potatoes this year or whats up with that?
ANDY- I´m glad you got out of the other house safe and sound without incident….  That camping trip sounds pretty fun too, even with really brave racoons haha.  How long will she be in New zealand?
Eric- Necesito tu ayudar… porque estoy un malo hijo… no los fechas exacto por los cumplí anos de mama y nuestro hermana… ¿puede ayudarme?

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