27 July 2015

Well hello hello all you new parents, uncles, and grandparents!!!
Well obviously it is great to hearfrom yall this week! i can´t tell you how excited i am for the family now that we will soon have a new member!! This week has been a pretty good week. As usual there were some let downs and there have been some great expiriences as well!!
So we will start with the Rojas family. We were finally able to get in contact with them this week. It was not a bad lesson but it wasn´t exactly what we were waiting for either…. When we went over they were very receptive as usual. We were kinda waiting that they would have had a crazy spiritual expirience and that they would be ready to keep going. But i guess in these last few weeks, they have had contact with the World Missionary Movement. The fathers whole family is from that church and he attended their church for about a year but never felt good about being baptised. But in these last 2 weeks, the preacher found him and went to the hospital to pray for the health of the little girl. So that is kindof giving him those old feelings that he had when he was attending. So we spent this visit just trying to get the confidence back. We really focused on the need to act and on the need for them to show excersize their faith so that they can progress. They said they were going to read and pray to know. So now we just gotta make sure that they do it haha.
We also had a couple of good lessons with Teresa and Evalin. They are still progressing very well. they are still super excited to follow, but there are just some things that are keeping evalin back. Teresa is ready, we are not worried about her at all. But this weekend, there was some huge conflict with teresa´s other daughter, which kept the whole house up untill 4 in the morning on sunday. Teresa did a really good job of fighting through the weariness and getting to church… sadly evalin didn´t… so Teresa is still going to be baptised on the 8th, but evalin is going to have to wait a few more weeks…. I really am not worried about her getting baptised, it is just a question of when… the spirit is always there and they recognize it, so we just gotta get Evalin more set….
We also had interview with Presient Larson this week and it was really awesome. At the begining he said, “these interviews are going to be long because i want to get to know you” So the interview were very long but it was very awesome because you could tell that he really cares about you, and we got to know president on a more personal level.
So here is a funny/horrible story for the week. When we get home on Friday night, we saw a huge party tent outside of our house (technically they house that is directly in front of us) so that was a bad sign from the start…. But when we went to bed, nothing had happened so we were a little confused…. Then, after we had been a sleep for a while, at 12am we heard a ton of fireworks and a big brass band playing happy birthday…. Then they stopped and some guy gave a speach, so we thought that it was all ending…. but just so youi know how much we could hear, we heard every word that he said. And then he said “alright, now we are going to listen to the band play and dance until 6 in the morining” and they did… and it sucked…. now if i could hear the guy talking, imagine how loud the brass band was…. we didn´t sleep that night…. but it´s all good haha… now it´s just a good laugh….

GRAMPS- That´s good that real is doing better. What color are you going to paint the new siding?
GRAMMY- It freaks me out that derek and brandon are both back already… but it sounds like you had a good weekend. and yes i got the package. Today we are just going to sleep all day and clean… and shane and zach didn´t waste any time now didn´t they?
UNCLE ANDY- so ant man turned out good? i have always questioned that
NEW MOTHER AND FATHER- I am so happy for you!!! congradulations!!!! don´t forget to send me the name and his picture!!!

Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin


20 July

Hey Everybody!!!

      Glad To hear that everybody is doing good!  Things here are going alright as well!
      I think it would be a lie to say that this last week was what i was expecting or that it was an easy week for us… but even though it was different then what we were hoping for, we still saw some good thing.
      First off, the temple trip got moved back a week, the Bishop couldn´t make it to the interview night so Yanina didn´t get her recomened, I´m now just waiting for the call to know which day we will be going this week… so that was a little bit of a bummer… but oh well!
      This week with the investigators it has been alright, we were not able to see the Rojas family this week. the little girl got out of the hospital on tuesday, but the father had to make up a lot of work last week… so needless to say they didn´t go to church either this week….  but we have a lesson with them tonight, so a lot depends on what happenes tonight, i think i am going to be praying very hard that we see a miracle with them tonight….
      Teresa is progressing greatly.  We have had a lot of good lessons with her this week.  She went to church yesterday and then at night she went to a baptism that some other elders had in the chapel.  After the Baptism she said that she was excited for her baptism so that was pretty awesome!!!  She is going to be a great member.  She has a sister that is less active, and before she went to church on sunday, she went and invited her sister to go to.  but her sister said that she didn´t want to… well Teresa didn´t like that answer and then burned her sayint “with all of the blessings that you have had in this last week, how canyou not go and thank God, if you don´t go, it will be on your concious and you will feel bad” Teresa then left a little angry and went church… 10 after teresa had gotten to church, her sister showed up too!  it was really funny haha.
      Sadly Evelin has had some problems this week.  She is way excited to stop drinking and doing all of those bad things… but on thursday night, she had a relapse with alcohal…. so we went on saturday to talk with her, and we decided that she needed more support in that moment.  So we talked with her and got her excited to go to church on sunday and everything was perfect, everything was ready…. but… saturday night she went to her boyfriends house and “stayed the night” (chastity is the biggest problem here) so she didn´t go to church on sunday because she was at her boyfriends house…. it is a little frustrating because she is making a lot of progress with the word of wisdom.  In spite of the fact the she relapsed, that was the first time she had gone dfrinking in like two weeks, so she is doing really good there.  But now she is just trading for a sin that is even stronger… so that is our battle… we are going to have to be a little more direct… even though we already to chastity… very directly…. i guess it didn´t quite sink in haha….
DAD- I´m glad real is doing better.  We just had some shirts made for the zone and we actually picked Real´s B jersey. they came out ALMOST perfect. but they still look good..,, Where did you go riding.
MOM- Sounds like you had a busy and fun week. i had no idea that you are such a baseball pro!!!  And that is great the Paul and Christian got the priesthood, Christian is getting really close to leaving isn´t he?
ERIC- how many dirt bikes do you have now? what kind are they and what size?
Los amo un montón
.-Elder Griffin

13 July

Hey Everybody!

      It´s grezat to hear from you! and thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes.
      Ths week was a pretty good week.  It went way better then last week so that is always nice haha….
      Sadly with the Rojas family we still haven´t had anything more then phone contact.  Their daughter has been in the hospital for like 2 weeks.  The father told us that she would probably be let out of the hospital yesterday, so we gotta call today to see how they are doing and when we can go by to visit.  To be honest i am a little nervous…  All this went down at such a crucial time for them, they were right on the line of making the yes or no desision, and it makes me nervous that we haven´t had any realy solid contact witht them for like 2 weeks.  So when we do finally talk with them, it is going to have to be the most spritually uplifting lesson in the world!
      But the biggest miracle we saw this week was with Evalin.  So like i said last week, she disappeared and that made us kind of frustrated, needless to say, but i think it was tuesday that we found her, her mom, and her sister (Evelin, Teresa, and Oriana).  And we had a very straight talk with them.  We talked a lot how about it is great to have a desire to change but unless we act on it we are loosing out on all of the blessing and priviledges that God has for us.  We watched the Mormon Message about the man on the Cruz that didn´t live up to his privledges.  Anyway, since that lesson, they have made a complete 360….  We are meeting with them almost everytday of the week, and they are taking the steps to make the changes in their lives that they need.  Everytime they get tempted or have a rough time, the grab the Book of Mormon and start reading, even if is 4 in the morning.  And because of that, they are erally progressing!! on Saturday, we took Evelin to a Baptism that another group of missionaries had in the chapel and she loved it! After the baptism, she said “I want to have a baptism exactly like that!”  It was really great to hear.  And to put the cherry on top, Evelin and Teresa went to church yesterday and i think they really enjoyed it!! i am really excited to go back tomorrow to see how they are doing… it is great to see the gospel change lives like that!
      But i think that the coolest thing that has happened, went down yesterday.  I got a call in the afternoon from the elders that are in my first area.  They told me that Yanina (my first convert) will be endowed on thursday and that she wants me to be part of the group that goes with her.  The temple being so close to the mission, we can get permision to do that kind of thing, and i have permision, so on thursday i will be going to the temple to see Yanina get endowed…. i can´t wait!!!
      My birthday was very uneventful, exactly what i wanted, i really didn´t tell anybody that it was my birthday, it just didn´t seem important, also, the tradicion is that on your birthday everybody throws eggs at you… so that was also some additional encouragement to keep it on the down low….  But today we are gonig to play soccer, go somewhere nice to eat, and then go to the zoo, so it should be a pretty good celebration today”!
DAD-  That sucks about real… they where so good not so long ago… who has been carded?  And just hang in there with Woody´s… one day you´ll be running that joint!
MOM- I haven´t gotten the package yet… thinking about it. about a month ago the mission offices changed locations, Pres Borg told us that he sent a messaje to you… even if you didn´t know, the package should get here this week or the next…. Be sure to say thanks to Sister Schofield for me!!
ANDY- Sounds like you had a pretty fun week.  Who did the Giants play?
JESS AND SAM- Glad to hear from you and hope all goes well with my nephew!!!!
ERIC- Island park rocks!  Who did you go  with?
Los amo,
Elder Griffin

6 July

Hey yall!

      Glad to hear from everybody!!!
      things here are going good.  We had a mixed week… well actually it was a terrible week with a few tender mercies that helped us get through it all.
       So really, we were able to talk to and teach quite a few people this week and we saw a great advance in the investigators that we have.  For example, Teresa and Evalin were doing really well, we had a few lessons where the spirit was really strong and where Evalin had started to take some real steps to changing the bad habits that she has.  She made plans to overcome her additions and wrote them down on paper and was super excited too!! it was really awesome to see.  They then both promised us that they would go to church yesterday and we were super excited because we know that it would be a really important step for them.  But for some reason or another… they didn´t go… we went by in the morning and Teresa told us that Evalin had disapeared into the night… she told us that she herself was going to go but… she never made it…. so their baptisimal dates fell….
      We also had a really good lesson with the Rojas family.  We talked about the temple and how it is a really important thing.  The spirit was strong and the Father looked very interested.  When you talk to this family you can tell that they have a lot of potential and that they really do want to come utno Christ.  They only need a little bit more desire to act and they will be set!  They have been coming to church the last few weeks with us and it has been awesome!  But this week they were attacked by the enemy and their little daughter fell very ill, to the point where whe was put in the hospital… on saturday night… so they couldn´t come to church yesterday… and their baptisimal date also fell…. we have a lesson with them tonight so we will have to see how that goes.
      But a midst of all that, we had some cool things happen this week.  The biggest one is that we finally got to meet President Larson.  WE had a leadership meeting with him on thursday.  I was really nervous because Pres Borg is really awesome and i was a little scared and maybe skeptikal that a lot of things where going to change and just skeptical….  But being able to talk with him and hear him really put my mind at ease and i can now say with full confidence that he is the man called to be my mission president.  I think the thing that i like most about him is the fact thast he is very humble.  From the way he stands, to the way he talks and even how he comunicates with everybody you can just feel a very humble and powerful spirit.  He is very different from Pres Borg in a lot of ways but he is exactly what we need  in the mission right now, i feel like i am going to learn a lot from him and i am really excited to get to know him even more!!
      And on the fourth, i planned well and fasted a day early so that i could celebrate the fourth of july.  It wasn´t anything more then a hamburger and Inca cola but man it made me think of America (except the Inca, that is a very peruvian thing) (and the hamburger was cooked in a very peruvian style) but i sure enjoyed it.
DAD- Hello… enjoy the Trip!!
MOM-  I´m glad that you guys got away from it all!!!  and i´m glad you got done with all of the parties haha.  And it is really weird that there are so few of us… are there many more who will be leaving soon besides dahlin and Christian?
ANDY- Sounds like you are just busy living the party life style!  sounds like it was fun!
ERIC- Island park es tan bacan! yo fui con mis amigos antes de salir con este mismo proposito, moto cicletas y armas!!! desfrutálo
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

29 June

Hello Hello!

      Glad to hear from everybody this week!!!
      This week has been pretty good!  WE are really starting to see some miracles here in the sector.  We have had some disappointments, but they are always out-shined by the good things of life!!
      So let´s get started with the Rojas family.  They are awesome!  Their baptisimal date has been set for the 11th of July.  Well we had a lesson with them during the week were they started to express doubts and fears about if this is their time or not.  So we started talking and teaching.  as we were teaching, we pulled out some scriptures from the bible and they were very pretty and all that stuff… but the coolest part is that even though we kept teaching, they kept reading silently to themselves.  All of the sudden the husband said hey look at this verse, and then the wife said the same thing about a different verse, and they were all verses that talked about the importance of making choices and all of the things that they were needing! it was really cool to see them reciee revelation by themselves.  The husband later said, isn´t funny what happenes when you read the scriptures!  They closed off the week greatly by going to church for the second time!  So they are showing some great progress, they just need a little more contact with the spirit and they are good!!!!
      Something really awesome happened yesterday too!  On saturday night, i got a call from Elder Silva (one of my old companions) that a lady that i was teaching in Limatambo was about to be baptised and that she wanted me to come back and do the baptism!  So on Sunday i went to Limatambo and she got baptised! Her name is Betsabe.  When i first got to limatambo, i was walking down the street with one of those llama ties, and she just said “nice tie” so my and my comp turned around and started talking to her.  And from that we started playing a game of look for betsabe… which was a very hard game, but in the end, she started listening more frequently, started going to church, and now she got baptised!!  It is really cool because she told us that she was listening to the Jehovas Witnesses for 5 years, going to church with them and everything but as she put it, they just never convinced her.  Then she started talking to us, went to church 4 times and got baptised!!  It really is an awesome testimony that the church is true, that a simple joke about a tie can start the conversion for somebody that has been listening and talking with other religions for so long, make the choice to be baptised into the true church of Christ!!
      So today for P-day, we went and played soccer for a while with another zone.  It was pretty fun, i feel like i am finally starting to get my soccer feet back haha!!
      So today Peru plays against chile in the america cup at 6… right when we go to work… well played satan…. this is also a big game because the winner goes to the finals, and there is always a lot of rivalry between peru and chile… but we´ll get in somewhere i know it!!
DAD- Well i´m glad that you´re stressful week is over, now you can go back to chillen haha.  And that sounds just crazy hot, i´m very happy with my weather, it´s gettin nice and cool haha.
MOM- Good luck with the shower haha… and i can´t believe that Bryton is back already, everybody is gettin home!! When does Christian leave?  And that is interesting about Matt and i guess dad is super happy about the change in the 4 wheelers haha!!
ANDY- That sounds awesome about the Brian Reagan concert! i´ve always wanted to go to one! Is there a lot of church history in San Fransico?
ERIC- jaja los fotos del serpiente son muy cheveres! y tu barba es muy bonito!! Tendrás que llevarme a algunos de estes caminos para los bicicletas!!
Los amo, perdón por ser un poco corto hoy, no hay mucho tiempo!!
-Elder Griffin

22 June

Wow!!!  What i week it has been!!! full of surpriseds and  alot of cool things!

      First off, on tuesday we had transfer meeting and well… Elder Gonzalez got transferred, it was very unexpected.  The transfer schedule is a little weird because President Borg ends his mission this weekend… so we had a transfer of four weeks, and now we are in a transfer of 8 weeks to make up for it.  But we were not expecting elder Gonzalez to get transferred, this is his last change so he is in a new area for his last change which is probably a little hard….
      My new companion is Elder Cando from Ecuador.  He is really cool and we get along pretty well so that is great.  But this is also his last transfer so next change i will get a new companion haha… again….
      And yes, as read above, President Borg has ended his 3 years and by this time next week, President Larson will be at the helm.  To be honest, i am sad to see President Borg go, especially so close to the end of my mission, it would have been really cool to have the exit interview with Pres. Borg.  But at the same time, i am pretty excited to meet pres. Larson.  It´s going to be very interesting to see all of the new ideas and all of the things that he will change, i just hope that we will all be adaptable to the revelation that he gets!
      So with the investigators we are doing pretty good, the rojas family are progressing, we are having a little bit of a hard time getting into contact with them, but we have a lesson with them tonight so i am pretty excited to see how that goes.
      Evelin is also doing alright.  We have had a few lesson with her in this last week and she is really awesome, she has a big desire to change.  Her problem is that she is a little bit of an alcohalic… which is more then just a little bit of a problem.  But because of these problems, she is very much in need of a change in her life.  I really do feel like she will be able to make this change, she just has to learn to control herself and she will be baptised.
      And the last thing that was really cool happened yesterday.  The Trujillo temple was dedicated!! and they broadcasted the dedication to all of the stake centers in Peru so we were able to go and see it! they did it in three sessions and each session had something else to offer.  Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came to do the dedications and what they had to say was really cool, it really helped me focus on my purpose to what we are doing here….
Well i gotta run, i am a little low on time and a little distracted by outside factors!
Los amo,
Elder Griffin
P.S.(Dad that is some pretty awful news about top gear)

15 June

Hey everybody!!!

      I´m glad everything is going good back home!!  Sounds like everything is just truckin right alnog.
      This week has been ok.  The area is in a little bit of a dry spot, a lot of the old investigators have stopped progressing, so we have been spending a lot of time looking for new people… which means a lot of walking and a lot of praying.  And yesterday, Peru had a very important soccer game in the America Cup, so everybody was watching and getting drunk… but hey, we found a couple of new people to teach that show a lot of potencial.  I think we are starting to see a turn around here in the area.
      So first off with the Rojas family.  We had a couple of lessons with them this last week and the went pretty well.  I really enjoy teaching them, most of the time the lessons are filled with a lot of good questions that they have, and then the answers that we have they always seem to accept. and the general spirit that we fill with them is always pretty storng and it makes it really easy to talk about the gospel.  I feel right at home with them, even though we have only had like 3 lessons i feel like i have known them for a very long time.  And we had two really cool things happen with them in the last week.  We had a lesson with them where we invited them to be baptised. the were a little slow to accept it honestly, but they accepted it.  We told them “look, we know that you still have a lot to learn, and we don´t want you to get baptised unless you feel and know that this is true, so before july 11th, so that you can feel ready you need to do some things…” and a couple other things like that… but the end point was, was that if the wanted to prepare and get an answer from God, they first had to put their part.  Now here it is not to hard to get someone to accept a date, but what is hard is getting them ready, what is hard is getting them to take the steps to get an answer, such as going to church at 8 in the morning….  But that is also something really great about this family.  The second really cool thing that happened, is that they took some steps and went to church with us on sunday, so they are at least backing up their compromises.  WE are seeing progress with them and i am confident that if we work hard, and if they keep their compromises, they will get baptised.
      We also found a few new investigators last night.  Their names are Teresa and Evelin.  The are referrals from some recient converts in the ward.  We ahve actually been trying to contact them for abou 2 weeks, but they haven´t been able to recieve us.  But fianlly we were able to talk to them yesterday, and it was really cool.  It was a very basic and normal first lesson but it went very well.  They had a lot of really cool questions that helped us to build confidence and help them see our purpose.  They used to be part of a christian church called living water, but after the pastor did some questionable things, the decided to stope going, and haven´t really gone to another church since, but after the lesson, they seemed to like what we were teaching, the daughter even said to come back whenever we could! so that was cool, i´m pretty excited to how things go with them!
      Things here with Elder gonzalez are going pretty good, we get along well and haven´t had any problems.  The new zone is also doing alright, they each zone has different problems but we are working had with them so that we have success here, we have a lot of potential.
      For pday we are just having a personal day, me and my comp are going to go buy some things that we need and then clean a little and then just enjoy the day!!
DAD- have fun at work!
MOM- Well at least you finished with all thoses certificates!  When is jessi due?  And i do know elder lemon, not to well but i do know him….
ANDY- I´m glad that you are getting into your call, keep working hard!
Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin