7 September

Well hello hello everybody!!
I`m so grateful for you`re letters!
This week has been a great week, we saw a lot of really cool little miracles that have really helped us be excited to work.
First off with Juan, he is doing very well. We have had a couple of lessons with him and he came to church yesterday for like the 5th time. He really seems happy in the church and he says that he hopes to be part of the church someday. The problem that we have with him is he feels like he needs to wait a long time to be sure and to have a stronger testimony. We tried really hard to help him realize that it really isn´t his knowledge level but rather his desire that counts, we read acts 8 with him where steven baptises the eunic after a 20 minute discussion. But even with all of that, he feels like he needs more time. I think what he needs more than anything is to pray and ask God when he should be baptised. I feel like he likes the church and feels like it`s a good thing, but he hasn`t had the spiritual expirience that gives him that desire, and makes him recognize the answer or “sign” that he wants. So i think we are giong to try and teach him and help him pray.
We also had an amazing expirience with Jesus, the investigator haha. His back story is kinda long but here we go. Years ago he and his family lived in the jungle of peru. But then his parents got divorced and his dad moved to lima and his mom, his brother brian, and Jesus, stayed in the jungle. While the were in the jungle, the all got baptised as Jehovas Witnesses. Meanwhile in Lima, their dad got remarried and had like 4 more kids and then the all got baptised in the LDS church. Years later, Brian and Jesus moved to Lima. They have now been here for years obviously with a lot of contact with the church from their family and from the missionaries that have constantly passed by, but they never had the desire to be baptised and ofter became contentious with the Elders. But little by little, Jesus has been forming a testimony of the LDS church, he goes to church all the time, he participates in all the youth activities. We have been working with them a lot, and this last week we had a lesson with Jesus, and we were talking about baptism and the holy ghost, and he then told us that he wants to be baptised!! I think that was one of the biggest miracles that i have seen this week and maybe on the mission… i almost jumped out of my chair and hugged him… and i would have had he accepted a baptismal date… the problem is is that when he moved to lima, his mom had him promise that he would stay faithful to the other church… and now he feels really bad that he want to change his faith because he feels like he is failing his mother…. He is now looking to try and find the way to talk to her without letting her down or making her upset. We are praying very hard for Jesus… if he wanted to he could be baptised tomorrow, he has come to church so many times and has recieved the lessons hundreds of times… he just has to pass this last mountain….
So now a funny story. We had gone to meet with a family of recient converts and reactivateds…. it happened to be at the time that peru was playing the states…. when we walked in it was 1 and 1…. as soon as i got in, they all started telling me “we are going to beat you… you are going to lose” and all sorts of stuff. And i am not kidding, i looked over at the TV (only for one second) just in time to see the USA put in the second goal… they all got really quite…. We then had a nice lesson about the 13 articles of faith and it was very lovely…. after the lesson, i told them to check the score, one of them came and said that we had tied… so i left a little depressed… it wasn´t until i got to church that the young men informed me that we won!!! So i was made fun of and then lied too…. but it was all in good fun, and i am very excited to go and see them again to give them a hard time….

DAD- so taysom hill is out again?? This kid is accident prone!!! But how does BYU look this year? I feel like i am staying focused… but day by day it gets a little harder… but i feel like i am doing a good job at fending it off, sometimes it just gets hard because all of the missionaries always bring it up and there are just a lot of reminders… but i am still working and i know that i gotta finish strong so whatever haha.
MOM- I would agree about the signs… When elder Bednar came, he mentioned that very thing… he also said that the Lord only sends signs and Angels when people are very bad people…. look at Alma and Paul… the were some of the worst people ever, God was going to kill them if they didn´t repent, so if we need a sign or angel… we are not in a good situation…. we just gotta help him get over that haha…. It sounds like it was a very beautiful funeral service, i hope they are doing better….
ERIC- Tengo una pregunta, cuanto es el sueldo con Botts?

Los amo un montón
-Elder Griffin


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