31 August

Well hello hello!
Glad to hear that everything is going good back home!
Well i think we´ll get right into it then… firt off, the conference that we had with Elder Bednar. Holy cow… it was awesome!! i really love the conferences that go down in the mission. When general authorities come, the hardly ever come with just a talk to give, but they always have very interactive conferences. The conference lasted like 3 hours, i think he had an idea of where he wanted it to go, but at the same time, it was very guided by what we said. I think one of the reasons he did it was to demonstrate how we should teach, because all though he had a couple of moments where he talked for a while, we did most of the talking, and he just guided the conversation. It was very spiritually lifting. He talked a lot about conversion and how we need to help the people become truly converted to the gospel and not to the missionarys. He said that what we need to focus on is help the peole learn how to get their own answers, how to live independantly in the gospel… it was really awesome because he talked a lot about personal conversion to, how we need to apply all the things that we learn in the mission in our live after the mission so that we remain truly converted and how important it is that we are also truly converted to the gospel. All i can really say is that it was amazing!!!
On thursday, we did a service project with the Elders that share a ward with us. It was a very different expirience then we had expected. Wednesday night, the Elder called us and said “We just need a little help real quick to fix her roof a little bit” So we said yeah we´ll help… but the job turned out to be way bigger then we planned. When we got there, the sister said “alright, take the roof off!” and we were like huh? So we spent the next hour taking the roof off of her house… then she said “ok, i´m gonna call the architect now….” so she went and called some crazy old dude, who i am sure never study architecture because he just gave us really obvious orders and made things more difficult then they needed to be…. but we worked for like 3 more hours and wee replaced the roof and it is all good now haha….
So Juan is progressing really well, he has gone to church 4 week in a row! An the lesson that we have with him are really great! he accepts everything and already has a testimony that the book iof mormon is true. His prayers are really great as well, the other day he actually said “please Father, i want to enter the church as soon as possible, please let me know when it is my time”. So he has a real desire to be baptised, the problem is, is that he wants to wait until God says it´s time, and he doesn´t feel comfortable asking God about his time, he just wants God to sent him a sign when it is the time… but other then that he is really progressing.
So all that work with Evelin has just taken a huge turn for the worst… i may rant and be very upset for the next few moments. We went to go look for her and Teresa on tuesday, and as we talked with teresa, she told us that evelin moved out and moved in with her boyfriend, and abonded her daughter and has started drinking like crazy… even worse, she now lives out of our sector so we can´t go visit to try and help her… so now we just wait for her to be humbled…. 😤
so yeah.. back to the happy…. for pday we went back to the mall on the beach and rented bikes again and went to the Christ statue again… i don´t care how many times i do it, it will always be awesome!!!

DAD- It´s like you said, a little bit of anticipation and anxiety is unavoidable. It still seems very unreal that i am nearing the end. But i am still working hard and doing all that i can so, i don´t think i am trunky…. And you must let me know about peru and the usa, this will be a big game for me here in peru, everybody always says that peru would beat the states, now we have the chance to see….
MOM- Whatevery you do Mom, you must beat fremont… failure is not an option…. That is crazy that Spencer is leaving… are jordan and spencer going to be able to see eachother in the MTC? Which day is Christian´s and Paul´s event? ANDY- The pahntom of the opera thing sounds pretty sweet! And when are you going to Nauvoo? that sounds really awesome!

Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin


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