3 August

Hello everybody!!!
Wow, it´s so awesome to see the family grow, thank you for all of the pictures of Emmett!
This week was alright, like last week we had some tgood things happen and some things that were a little disappointing….
First off with Teresa and Evelin. Teresa is doing great, she is really progressing. She has done everything that she needs to to be baptised. We had a number of really great lesson with them both and the spirit has been a lot stronger in the lessons. With Evalin we had been working really hard and we had figured out a way for her to be baptised with gher mom and the same date, but it all depended on if she went to church yesterday or not. We talked with them on saturday night and she promised us that she was going to go. But again, when we went sunday morning to pick them up, she wasn´t there, again… so that was really disappointing. so now our battle plan is to baptise Teresa this week, make Evelin have a strong desire to follow her mother, so yeah… we will just have to see how that goes…..
We also had a lesson with the rojas family this week. It was a really great lesson. The mom wasn´t their but we talked with the father and the kids. WE decided to just take it slow and invite the spirit and just let it go from there. And it was great, we read lehi´s dream with them and talked about what we need to do reach the fruit. The spirit was really strong and i really feel like they now understand what they need to do, especially with the book of mormon, we focused a lot on the book of mormon and i think they are a lot more excited to read and pray, so i think we have finally got to the point of descion, and i have a feeling that it will turn out great!
So we have been working really closely with a part member family. The 2 older children are Jehovas witnesses, and when we talk with them, them tend to be a little contentious, but the other day, we had a really great lesson with one of the JW named Jesus (that is a little ironic right). He finally opened up with us. He taslked al ot about how he felt and he broke down in front of us, he talked about how he felt like he wasn´t right with God, so it was a really great oppurtunity to explain and help him learn how he could come closer to God. He even went to chruch yesterday, so that was pretty great.
We also had a really great lesson yesterday with Beatriz. She is an investigator that we had lost contact with her for a long time, but we finally got to talk with her yesterday and the spirit was super strong. We talked about the atonement and how it can heal us and help us to move on even in the hardewst of times, it was super spiritual. It really helped me as well to focus on the importance of the atonement.
I think a big thing this week is that we have been focusing a lot on the spirit, and trying really hard to have the spirit really strong in the lessons, and i feel like we are starting to have way more spiritual expiriences. So even though it has been a rough few weeks, because we are focusing on the spirit, and having more spiritual expiriences, i am loving the mission!!!!

I don´t have enough time to answer your emails today… i am sorry.

los amo un montón
-Elder Griffin


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