27 July 2015

Well hello hello all you new parents, uncles, and grandparents!!!
Well obviously it is great to hearfrom yall this week! i can´t tell you how excited i am for the family now that we will soon have a new member!! This week has been a pretty good week. As usual there were some let downs and there have been some great expiriences as well!!
So we will start with the Rojas family. We were finally able to get in contact with them this week. It was not a bad lesson but it wasn´t exactly what we were waiting for either…. When we went over they were very receptive as usual. We were kinda waiting that they would have had a crazy spiritual expirience and that they would be ready to keep going. But i guess in these last few weeks, they have had contact with the World Missionary Movement. The fathers whole family is from that church and he attended their church for about a year but never felt good about being baptised. But in these last 2 weeks, the preacher found him and went to the hospital to pray for the health of the little girl. So that is kindof giving him those old feelings that he had when he was attending. So we spent this visit just trying to get the confidence back. We really focused on the need to act and on the need for them to show excersize their faith so that they can progress. They said they were going to read and pray to know. So now we just gotta make sure that they do it haha.
We also had a couple of good lessons with Teresa and Evalin. They are still progressing very well. they are still super excited to follow, but there are just some things that are keeping evalin back. Teresa is ready, we are not worried about her at all. But this weekend, there was some huge conflict with teresa´s other daughter, which kept the whole house up untill 4 in the morning on sunday. Teresa did a really good job of fighting through the weariness and getting to church… sadly evalin didn´t… so Teresa is still going to be baptised on the 8th, but evalin is going to have to wait a few more weeks…. I really am not worried about her getting baptised, it is just a question of when… the spirit is always there and they recognize it, so we just gotta get Evalin more set….
We also had interview with Presient Larson this week and it was really awesome. At the begining he said, “these interviews are going to be long because i want to get to know you” So the interview were very long but it was very awesome because you could tell that he really cares about you, and we got to know president on a more personal level.
So here is a funny/horrible story for the week. When we get home on Friday night, we saw a huge party tent outside of our house (technically they house that is directly in front of us) so that was a bad sign from the start…. But when we went to bed, nothing had happened so we were a little confused…. Then, after we had been a sleep for a while, at 12am we heard a ton of fireworks and a big brass band playing happy birthday…. Then they stopped and some guy gave a speach, so we thought that it was all ending…. but just so youi know how much we could hear, we heard every word that he said. And then he said “alright, now we are going to listen to the band play and dance until 6 in the morining” and they did… and it sucked…. now if i could hear the guy talking, imagine how loud the brass band was…. we didn´t sleep that night…. but it´s all good haha… now it´s just a good laugh….

GRAMPS- That´s good that real is doing better. What color are you going to paint the new siding?
GRAMMY- It freaks me out that derek and brandon are both back already… but it sounds like you had a good weekend. and yes i got the package. Today we are just going to sleep all day and clean… and shane and zach didn´t waste any time now didn´t they?
UNCLE ANDY- so ant man turned out good? i have always questioned that
NEW MOTHER AND FATHER- I am so happy for you!!! congradulations!!!! don´t forget to send me the name and his picture!!!

Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin


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