24 August

Well hello hello!
Glad to hear from everybody this week!
Last week was alright there were some major ups, and some major downs, but it ended perfectly so it doesn´t even matter haha!
So on tuesday i recieved my new companion! his name is Elder Pedrera. He is also from Ecuador, but the other side haha! he has one change less then i do. We get along pretty well, we laugh a lot and are working so, couldn´t really ask for more right?
as far as the working days went… they were really slow, we didn´t get into a whole lot of houses this week, and with a small sector i felt like we spent a lot of time just going in circles…ddd but we were able to have some good expiriences. For example, we recieved a reference fromt he other elders in the ward, i guess they had been teaching them for a few weeks and they live in our sector, but the barely based us the reference. But it was really cool because we went to his house just to talk with him and meet him, but when he saw us, he opened the door right up and said come on in! So we were able ot have a pretty good lesson with him and he even went to churhc yesterday with his son and his grandson. His dname is Juan, his son is Juan Carlos, and his grandson is marcelo.dd It is a little bit of a miracle because they already have two attendances, so with some help from God, they could be baptised very soon, which would be a great miracle!!!
I guess i´ll get into the best part of the week, obviously by the photo you can see that T eresa got baptised this week…. it was just awesome, she went through so much opposition. As you know she got super sick and was really suffering, but we saw a miracle and she got better. But then we went ot her house on tuesday she starte dsaying that she didn´td feel ready because the sickness had taken a lot out of her and that she hadn´t been able to put mubh time in to her preparation. But a fter a good lesson with her she said “well, i´d like to baptised on Saturday at 9 in the morning!” So that rocked… so fastforward till saturday, we got everything ready and all set up, we then went to pick up Teresa and she looked so happy! but as we were walking to the church, she said that her old pastor had come to her house the night before and had tried to talk her our of getting baptised because she had already been baptised… so we chatted and then she said “To the Water!” she is really awesome and she has a lot of faith and a big desire to serve God. And it was awesoem to see that even after so many trials, she still just wanted to do what was pleasing to God, she is very happy now and it is awesome to see!d

Well i gotta go Los amo!!
-Elder Griffin


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