14 September

Well howdy howdy….
I gotta get right into this because i have a lot to do with not much time… and that it was a good week so lets go!
So this week was a week filled with meetings…. like a lot of meetings… we didnd´t have much time in our sector this week, but despite all of the time that was taken due to multi -zones, leadership meetings from the mission, and meeting in the stake, we taught more this week then we have all change.
So i bet you all remember Juan… he is still doing well but still doesn´t feel ready to be baptised… but last this week we talked with his grandson who is very interested. We were with him teaching his mom when he just came out and said, “mom i am thinking about being baptised, and just want to see one more sign to do it” So when he said that, we kind of pulled an alma (see Alma 32:5-6 for the joke haha). But yeah, he has come to church a bunch of times and is super ready… we invited him to be baptised this Saturday… so we are going to go by everyday so that he gets his little sign…..
So this is just a fun little thing… we have been struggling with ward activities… so we decided to take action…. There is a workout program called insanity… and we have been doing it in the mornings… we heard of another ward that did an insanity night with the ward and it turned out very well…. so we dicided to do it as well…. and it had a great turn out! We played with the pride of everybody… when we invited them to the activity, we told t hem that they wouldn´t be able to do it… and the young people, being young people, took it very personally and they came with a desire to beat me and my companion…. but they didn´t… the program was 37 minutes…. i was the last man standing… the rest were done after 15-20 minutes when they started begging for mercy… i won´t lie, it felt kinda good to see them suffer.
And the closer this week was probably the biggest miracle of my mission…. Yanina was endowed!!!!! You all probably remember that she was going to be endowed like 2 months ago, but because of lack of organization from the ward and stake… she wasn´t going to be able to go to the temple until the 26… three days too late…. But on Friday we had a leadership meeting with all of the zone leaders… where the zone leaders from her stake, told me that the very next day, she was going to the temple…. so i immediatly talked with Pres Larson and the Assistents. It was a little scary because at first the AP´s where saying that president is a lot stricter with that rule now… but i talked with him anyway… And he said that because i am ending the mission, he had no problem if i went…. so yeah… saturday was the best day ever!!! i was able to go to the temple and go through with my convert so that she could be endowed…. i can´t explain that feeling… it was awesome…. it is something that i cannot and will never forget…. it was a really awesome boost for the last part of the mish. She was so happy there and it was amazing to see that she understands the gospel, that it is a process and that she put her goal in sight, and got it done! and i am so glad that i could go, it was an answer to a lot of my prayers…..

So we will now do the trunky buisness… i don´t know if you have been informed of my flight plans… so on wednesday the 23rd i leave lima at 1:10am (peruvian time) on the Delta Air lines DL 150 to georgia. Then from there i get on the Delta Air lines DL 1802 to Utah and i should arrive at 12:52 PM (peruvian time)…. that is all for the trunky buisness….

Los amo,
-Elder Griffin


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  1. hola Tyler,
    Hace unas semanas me invitaron a esta Iglesia mormón la hermana ALDER. Me dieron una tarjeta en que la reunión decía era el domingo a la 3 de la tarde, entonces yo estuve allí, cerca de la cuadra 10 de Raúl Ferrero en la molina. Pero hoy domingo estuve a las 3 de la tarde y la iglesia estaba cerrada. No sé porqué. Saludos


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