10 August

Hello everybody…..
Well this week has been… not as planned…..
Obviously we wer3e planning on having a baptism this week for Teresa but… well let´s start from the begining…. On thursday we were with her, and she has been very sick, but we were trying to have faith so that we could seea miracle, but on thursday she was feeling good so i tlooked like it was all going to turn out. So thursday we found out that she was going to need an interview from somebody with higher authority then a missonary. So we called to get it set up and the secretary told us that one of the misson presidency was in our zone in another sector, and that if we could get her over there, that he could do the interview in half an hour. So we took Teresa and she passed!! it was awesome and a very beautiful miracle. So we went back to her house on Friday to visit her again. But she looked terrible, and she told us that in the morning she had gone to the doctor and that the docter had told her that she has pneumonia… so that really stinks. But we continued with faith even in that saying “look, we know that you are sick, but have faith, and let´s keep working for your goal and everything will be just fine” So we gave her a blessing and left and prayed like crazy. On saturday we kept going with the plan and went and got the font ready and everything good to go and then we went to see Teresa and well… she hadn´t gotten better at all… so she didn´t get baptised on saturday…. so we said ok… we will do it tomorrow. so it was the same show, we got everything ready on Sunday and went to go pick her up and she was still sick and still didn´t get baptised…. so we are going to have to wait till this weekend to see how it goes… she said that she will be baptised this saturday… but man i hate satan!
This week has also been full of other trials that have taken up our time. We are at the end of the transfer, so we have transfer meeting tomorrow. But my companion is ending his mission so we had to do a lot of those end of mission things. We had to go to the office for his english test, and then the next day we had to go for his exit interview. And yesterday and today are sector visiting days s yeah… it´s a little slow here in our sector just because of all the things that he has to do have taken up a lot time… but hey, it´s something we all gotta go through… so …. yeah.
But apart from all the gloom, there is still light in our tunnel here. We actually have been seeing a miracle start to come out of no where with a family. We have been starting to work with a part member family, maria and xenone. And they have a daughter who is 9 years old that is not a member, the partents are inactive. The cool thing is, is that even though we have had very little contact with them, they are starting to get back into the groove a little bit, and i think it is because of the daughter. The daughter is actually dragging her parents to church, all three of them have already been to church 2 times and are following a really great track to get back into the gospel here really soon, it has been avery nice tender mercy from the Lord!

DAD- I think it will do good just because it is the three guys that made the show what it was in the first place, we now will just hve to decide which of the two we like better haha…
MOM- Sounds like you have a pretty fun week beeing grandma! And what is Randy up to these days?
ANDY- That great that you got to meet Emmet!
ERIC- FELIZ CUMPLE AÑOS!!!! Ya eres viejo amigo!!!! and about botts, it would be great to work there….

Los amo!!!
-Elder Griffin


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