8 June

Well hello hello everybody!

      I´m glad to hear from you all!
      This week has been a pretty good week, kind of strange for the rythm, but it ended amazingly.  For the first part of the week, and for the first part of every day actually, we seemed to walk and walk and walk…. we just couldn´t find anybody in their houses…. and we had a lot of lessons fall in the afternoon, but in the nights, we saw a lot of really great things.
      I think the best night that we had, was Saturday.  We had a lesson with a couple named Lucero and Jose.  And well, we have had a lot of lessons set up with them, but they always seemed to not have time or interest.  But saturday was different.  When we knocked on the door, they opened right up and told us to come in.  As we talked with them, we came to realize that Jose is a member of the church that was baptised at the age of 8. but somewhere along the line, he and his whole family went inactive.  He is now living with Lucero, they aren´t married and they have a 3 year old daughter.  But despite all of that, the lesson that we had was very good.  In all honesy, lucero was a little shut down in the begining, but after some time, she opened up and we were able to talk a lot about the gospel and they are now showing a lot of potential, they even came to church yesterday.  It was a really cool learning expirience because honestly, we didn´t put a whole lot of faith in the fact that they would recieve us, but happily, we were wrong. sometimes, ya just gotta have faith….
      Then after that, we went looking for a referral that we recieved.  When we knocked on the door, nobody came.  But the somebody entered the house and we asked them if they new Antonio, he said wait a sec and disappeared into the house.  a few minutes later a man came out and started talking to us.  Then after another few minutes, he went back inside to talk to his wife and then yelled “come in”. Stunned, we started into the house.  He then took us through a maze of a house and building to arrive to his house.  We then sat and started talking with antonio and he is really cool.  But as we talked, something amazing happened.  First, his 5 year old daughter came in and sat with us, then his 9 year old son followed her example.  Soon followed his wife, who also sat and talked with us, and not far behing his brother in law came and started talking with us.  And in the blinnk of an eye, 1 investigator turned into a family of 5 very kind, and very interested investigators.  Investigators with good questions, with a desire to learn, not to fight. and a family where the spirit was easily felt.  Even though they had heard a lot of strange things about the church as always, when we explained things, they accepted it.
      I really love seeing all of the blessing that come from just hard work, even though the area and the ward is not what i would have hoped for, it is a great testimony to me that this is the true church because it cannot be slowed down.
DAD- Haha, luckily this week there were no glass breaking expiriences… but it sure sounds like you´re doing a whole lot of projects back home, i don´t think i´ll even recognize the place!
MOM- That is awesome about Cristian, be sure to tell him congrats for me!  And why are they doing youth conference as day activies now instead of weekends?
ANDY-  Be sure you let me in on all the tecky stuff next week.  And i know it must be stressful to be put in those situations, but at least it shows that they trust you…
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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