6 July

Hey yall!

      Glad to hear from everybody!!!
      things here are going good.  We had a mixed week… well actually it was a terrible week with a few tender mercies that helped us get through it all.
       So really, we were able to talk to and teach quite a few people this week and we saw a great advance in the investigators that we have.  For example, Teresa and Evalin were doing really well, we had a few lessons where the spirit was really strong and where Evalin had started to take some real steps to changing the bad habits that she has.  She made plans to overcome her additions and wrote them down on paper and was super excited too!! it was really awesome to see.  They then both promised us that they would go to church yesterday and we were super excited because we know that it would be a really important step for them.  But for some reason or another… they didn´t go… we went by in the morning and Teresa told us that Evalin had disapeared into the night… she told us that she herself was going to go but… she never made it…. so their baptisimal dates fell….
      We also had a really good lesson with the Rojas family.  We talked about the temple and how it is a really important thing.  The spirit was strong and the Father looked very interested.  When you talk to this family you can tell that they have a lot of potential and that they really do want to come utno Christ.  They only need a little bit more desire to act and they will be set!  They have been coming to church the last few weeks with us and it has been awesome!  But this week they were attacked by the enemy and their little daughter fell very ill, to the point where whe was put in the hospital… on saturday night… so they couldn´t come to church yesterday… and their baptisimal date also fell…. we have a lesson with them tonight so we will have to see how that goes.
      But a midst of all that, we had some cool things happen this week.  The biggest one is that we finally got to meet President Larson.  WE had a leadership meeting with him on thursday.  I was really nervous because Pres Borg is really awesome and i was a little scared and maybe skeptikal that a lot of things where going to change and just skeptical….  But being able to talk with him and hear him really put my mind at ease and i can now say with full confidence that he is the man called to be my mission president.  I think the thing that i like most about him is the fact thast he is very humble.  From the way he stands, to the way he talks and even how he comunicates with everybody you can just feel a very humble and powerful spirit.  He is very different from Pres Borg in a lot of ways but he is exactly what we need  in the mission right now, i feel like i am going to learn a lot from him and i am really excited to get to know him even more!!
      And on the fourth, i planned well and fasted a day early so that i could celebrate the fourth of july.  It wasn´t anything more then a hamburger and Inca cola but man it made me think of America (except the Inca, that is a very peruvian thing) (and the hamburger was cooked in a very peruvian style) but i sure enjoyed it.
DAD- Hello… enjoy the Trip!!
MOM-  I´m glad that you guys got away from it all!!!  and i´m glad you got done with all of the parties haha.  And it is really weird that there are so few of us… are there many more who will be leaving soon besides dahlin and Christian?
ANDY- Sounds like you are just busy living the party life style!  sounds like it was fun!
ERIC- Island park es tan bacan! yo fui con mis amigos antes de salir con este mismo proposito, moto cicletas y armas!!! desfrutálo
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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