4 May

Hello everybody!!!

      So this week has been pretty good.  It was better then last week and we had a lot of good expiriences!!
      Like always, a good part of the good news we have is with Johan and Jessica.  They are all set for their marriage, they have their clothes, Johann´s parents got in from Arequipa on Saturday and everything is ready.  Johann even got interviewed by the bishop and was cleared to be able to baptise his wife and give his son a baby blessing in a week or 2!  I love this family because they have their sight set on what is really important.  The Ward offered to throw a reception for them but Johann and Jessica said no.  They said, “this marriage really isn´t important to us, what really matters to us is the temple, so in one year, when we get married in the temple, that is when we will thrown the party!”  This family is so amazing!!! I´m so excited to see them go through the temple!! i know that they are going to be a great family and great leaders in the church!!!
      We also had a great expirience during the fast that we did on saturday and sunday!  We have an investigator that is supossed to get baptised on Sunday, but the problem is, she lives with a guy and is not married.  She wants to move out, she has said that there is no love and that to her, he is just some guy that lives there.  So for the last few week we have been looking for a room for her so that she can be baptised… but we didn´t find anything….  So on Saturday we fasted that we would find a room for them.  And an hour into the fast, we found a room!! we just gotta go today and look at the rooms and she is set. Her name is Marisa, and she is very excited to be baptised!  She had a really cool expirience with the sabboth day, she never really kept it (she has been investigating the church for more then a year).  She just always felt that she needed to work to have the money that she needs.  But she finally started keeping it and her buisness started booming! it´s great because she now has the confidence in the commandments and in God and now, she will be baptised!!!!
      so with all of the people that were going to be baptised this weekend we are down to 3 or 4, jessica, marisa, brian, and Jeremy.  the first 3 are very sure, and Jeremy would be very sure if it wasn´t for his mom.  Jeremy is a 14 year old kid who really wants to be baptised.  He knows that it is true and has a desire to be baptised.  The problem is is that his mom is from a different church and is very contentios.  So the problem is going to be getting permision.  But even though his mom is against him, he defends the church, that is really how we know that he has a true desire, because even though his mom is fighting it, and has baptised his brothers in a different church, he stays strong here!! he will be baptised some day, we just need a little miracle to make it happen now.
DAD- If it helps i think my 22 is still around there somewhere, or do you need some heavier fire power?
MOM- Are any going to peru? I know that one is coming to the mission here….
ANDY- That´s great that you are the ward mission leader.  The most importnat is that you are always willing to go on splits with the missionaries and that you are friends with the investigators….
Nos veremos la próxima semana!!!
-Elder Griffin

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