29 June

Hello Hello!

      Glad to hear from everybody this week!!!
      This week has been pretty good!  WE are really starting to see some miracles here in the sector.  We have had some disappointments, but they are always out-shined by the good things of life!!
      So let´s get started with the Rojas family.  They are awesome!  Their baptisimal date has been set for the 11th of July.  Well we had a lesson with them during the week were they started to express doubts and fears about if this is their time or not.  So we started talking and teaching.  as we were teaching, we pulled out some scriptures from the bible and they were very pretty and all that stuff… but the coolest part is that even though we kept teaching, they kept reading silently to themselves.  All of the sudden the husband said hey look at this verse, and then the wife said the same thing about a different verse, and they were all verses that talked about the importance of making choices and all of the things that they were needing! it was really cool to see them reciee revelation by themselves.  The husband later said, isn´t funny what happenes when you read the scriptures!  They closed off the week greatly by going to church for the second time!  So they are showing some great progress, they just need a little more contact with the spirit and they are good!!!!
      Something really awesome happened yesterday too!  On saturday night, i got a call from Elder Silva (one of my old companions) that a lady that i was teaching in Limatambo was about to be baptised and that she wanted me to come back and do the baptism!  So on Sunday i went to Limatambo and she got baptised! Her name is Betsabe.  When i first got to limatambo, i was walking down the street with one of those llama ties, and she just said “nice tie” so my and my comp turned around and started talking to her.  And from that we started playing a game of look for betsabe… which was a very hard game, but in the end, she started listening more frequently, started going to church, and now she got baptised!!  It is really cool because she told us that she was listening to the Jehovas Witnesses for 5 years, going to church with them and everything but as she put it, they just never convinced her.  Then she started talking to us, went to church 4 times and got baptised!!  It really is an awesome testimony that the church is true, that a simple joke about a tie can start the conversion for somebody that has been listening and talking with other religions for so long, make the choice to be baptised into the true church of Christ!!
      So today for P-day, we went and played soccer for a while with another zone.  It was pretty fun, i feel like i am finally starting to get my soccer feet back haha!!
      So today Peru plays against chile in the america cup at 6… right when we go to work… well played satan…. this is also a big game because the winner goes to the finals, and there is always a lot of rivalry between peru and chile… but we´ll get in somewhere i know it!!
DAD- Well i´m glad that you´re stressful week is over, now you can go back to chillen haha.  And that sounds just crazy hot, i´m very happy with my weather, it´s gettin nice and cool haha.
MOM- Good luck with the shower haha… and i can´t believe that Bryton is back already, everybody is gettin home!! When does Christian leave?  And that is interesting about Matt and i guess dad is super happy about the change in the 4 wheelers haha!!
ANDY- That sounds awesome about the Brian Reagan concert! i´ve always wanted to go to one! Is there a lot of church history in San Fransico?
ERIC- jaja los fotos del serpiente son muy cheveres! y tu barba es muy bonito!! Tendrás que llevarme a algunos de estes caminos para los bicicletas!!
Los amo, perdón por ser un poco corto hoy, no hay mucho tiempo!!
-Elder Griffin

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