27 April

Well hello hello!!

      Glad to hear from everybody! Sounds like things are going great and that everybody is happy!
      This week has been both good and bad… we have seen success and the other side too, it was just a little slow and a lot of lessons fell through….
      But even with all that we still had a lot of great expiriences.  A lot of them thanks to Johan and Jessica.  They are progressing a ton!!!  The other day, their marriage anouncment came out in the newspaper ( and i admit, we apostasized a little and bought a copy to see it).  They have an official wedding date for the 8 of may!  They have bought the clothes and everything!!!  All there is left to do is stay close to them in these next weeks and wait for the magical day to arrive, and on the 9th, jessica is going to get baptised.  I´m not gonna lie, i think this baptism means a lot more to me then the other ones that will be going down in the near future just because we have put so much effort into them.  We have put a lot of heart, tears, and sweet (yes sweet, we did a service project for them and cleaned all the hallways and stairs of their 7 story building….)  And it is great to go and feel the spirit and to just see their progress…. so that weekend is going to be great.  Friday, marriage, Saturday Baptism, Sunday, Mothers day!!!! (subliminal message, what time is best for everybody? I´m open from like 2 o clock peruvian time and on….)
      So sadly, yesterday only three investigators came to church, which means that 5 dates fell through, we still have 6 people preparing to make convenants with God, but we gotta help those other 5 put a new goal.  But One of the three that attended is a lady named Marisa with her nephew Brian.  We have also putting a lot of time gaining trust with the family this week, we spent some time teaching Brian English (for my part) and Math (my companions part).  And because of that, we have a lot more confidence with them and have been able to see a lot of progress this week, so much that she invited us to lunch on Sunday (a miracle because our lunch appointment fell through)  and she came right in and said, the Lord had blessed me so much in these last few days, that i can´t wait to be baptised on the 9th!!! it was a huge miracle because we have honesly been a little worried about her and her nephew, but hearing her say that has just brought a lot of peace to our souls haha….
      Today for P-day we just played soccer for a few hours, it was really chill and much needed…..
DAD- That stinks about real, who did they loose to injury and who did the loose to nacional team duty?  And that´s cool that you are going through those training videos, i think that´ll help a lot!!
MOM- That is Awesome about Spencer!!!  I´m sure he´ll love it, be sure to tell him congrats for me!!  Are there any other people from the high school that have their calls that i would know?
ANDY- Man sounds like you´re just all play over there in apple haha.  and there has to be a reason that she picked you to be Nephi ;)
EVERYBODY- i need ya´ll to tell me at what time is best for skype (if you could tell me in peruvian time that would be better) so i can get it all set up and let you know next week….
Los amo un montón,
-Elder Griffin

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