25 May

Well hello hello everybody!

      Glad to hear from ya´ll this week, sounds like everything is going just fine!!
      Things here are going pretty good.  So i did get tranferred last tuesday.  I am now in the San Martin stake in the Rio Blanco ward still as a Z.  My new companion is named Elder Gonzalez, he is from El Salvador.  The funny thing about this sector is is that it is super close to a few old sectors.  My second sector (the condevilla stake in the German Aguirre ward) is literally across the strees… like across the street… i actually saw an old investigator walking around in my new sector the other day…. so ya… it is close.  So i have been in this part of lima before (San Martin de Porres)  And it is pretty much in the middle of 3 of my old sectors… the only one that is far away from here is Balconcillo in Limatambo.  But other then that, i really couldn´t be any closer to my without being in them haha.  But it is cool, the sector is really small… really small, but i am excited to work in a small area for once haha.  To be honest, Sunday was a little hard hitting, i finally got a look at the ward and well, lets just say that we have some work to do here…. It´s just hard feeling like i have to start from square one again with a ward, after working so hard to help a ward advance and then to have to just start over again in a ward that is maybe a little father behind then whichever other ward i have been in… but oh well, i guess we´ll just get to work and enjoy it!!
      But it has been a cool expirience here so far, we have met a lot of really cool people in these last couple of days.  On saturday we actually had to baptisms.  I can´t say that i know much about them because i kinda robbed them from another Elder…. But anyway, their names are Joao and Sebestian.  They are both young men.  Their mom is a less active that was baptised very sporatically (is that even a word??) like 30 years ago.  But it is cool that the kids got baptised, because now we are going to be able to work with the mom, Eva, to help her come back to the church too.
      Yesterday we also met a lady named Beatriz.  She is a single Mom that is in a very tight finiciall situation, she also has a “special” son named Alexis.  Her mother also passed away about 3 months ago which was very hard on her.  But she seems very recptive to the message, we have another lesson with her on sunday.  The only problem is her sister.  Her sister attends an isrealite church and it´s not that she is contentios, but she just asks a lot of questions that are obviously asked just to try and trip us up or make us look like we don´t follow the scriptures… but hey, this is the church of Jesus Christ, she won´t ever be able to fina a fault in the Church haha….
      And another guy that is really cool is a guy named Luis.  He is the boyfriend of a reactivated member.  He is Christian which is great because he just has a sincere desire to follow God.  WE had one lesson with him, but in that lesson he accepted to attened church (and he came).  And then we asked him what he would be willing to do if God revealed to him that the church was true, and he said that he would be baptised, so we are now working with him on that, he said that he would be baptised on the 13 of June,  So we are going to keep working with him, we have a lesson in a few hours so i´m pretty stocked to see how his prayers have gone, i have a lot of hope for this guy!!
      So for pday today, we just hung out and played a bit of soccer… it ws pretty chill and pretty fun!
DAD- I haven´t measured myself lately, but i´d like to think that i have grown a bit, i´d love to break 6 feet….  That´s great about Real, who is their new coach? how long ago did Jason leave?
MOM- The school year already ended? it´s weird to think that i graduated like 2 years ago haha… oh how things have changed!  That´s a weird coincidence that danny is marring the barker girl, did you guys have anything to do with the set up?  And for the talk, the work is always easier as a missionary when the ward is excited to work with the missionaries, give references, and be friendly to the investigators.  It is really frutrating when a missionary is in a ward that doesn´t help, we tend to feel a little alone and it is almost impossible for the person to progress.
ANDY- So how is it going as the WML?
Los amo un monton!
-Elder Griffin

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