22 June

Wow!!!  What i week it has been!!! full of surpriseds and  alot of cool things!

      First off, on tuesday we had transfer meeting and well… Elder Gonzalez got transferred, it was very unexpected.  The transfer schedule is a little weird because President Borg ends his mission this weekend… so we had a transfer of four weeks, and now we are in a transfer of 8 weeks to make up for it.  But we were not expecting elder Gonzalez to get transferred, this is his last change so he is in a new area for his last change which is probably a little hard….
      My new companion is Elder Cando from Ecuador.  He is really cool and we get along pretty well so that is great.  But this is also his last transfer so next change i will get a new companion haha… again….
      And yes, as read above, President Borg has ended his 3 years and by this time next week, President Larson will be at the helm.  To be honest, i am sad to see President Borg go, especially so close to the end of my mission, it would have been really cool to have the exit interview with Pres. Borg.  But at the same time, i am pretty excited to meet pres. Larson.  It´s going to be very interesting to see all of the new ideas and all of the things that he will change, i just hope that we will all be adaptable to the revelation that he gets!
      So with the investigators we are doing pretty good, the rojas family are progressing, we are having a little bit of a hard time getting into contact with them, but we have a lesson with them tonight so i am pretty excited to see how that goes.
      Evelin is also doing alright.  We have had a few lesson with her in this last week and she is really awesome, she has a big desire to change.  Her problem is that she is a little bit of an alcohalic… which is more then just a little bit of a problem.  But because of these problems, she is very much in need of a change in her life.  I really do feel like she will be able to make this change, she just has to learn to control herself and she will be baptised.
      And the last thing that was really cool happened yesterday.  The Trujillo temple was dedicated!! and they broadcasted the dedication to all of the stake centers in Peru so we were able to go and see it! they did it in three sessions and each session had something else to offer.  Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came to do the dedications and what they had to say was really cool, it really helped me focus on my purpose to what we are doing here….
Well i gotta run, i am a little low on time and a little distracted by outside factors!
Los amo,
Elder Griffin
P.S.(Dad that is some pretty awful news about top gear)

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