20 July

Hey Everybody!!!

      Glad To hear that everybody is doing good!  Things here are going alright as well!
      I think it would be a lie to say that this last week was what i was expecting or that it was an easy week for us… but even though it was different then what we were hoping for, we still saw some good thing.
      First off, the temple trip got moved back a week, the Bishop couldn´t make it to the interview night so Yanina didn´t get her recomened, I´m now just waiting for the call to know which day we will be going this week… so that was a little bit of a bummer… but oh well!
      This week with the investigators it has been alright, we were not able to see the Rojas family this week. the little girl got out of the hospital on tuesday, but the father had to make up a lot of work last week… so needless to say they didn´t go to church either this week….  but we have a lesson with them tonight, so a lot depends on what happenes tonight, i think i am going to be praying very hard that we see a miracle with them tonight….
      Teresa is progressing greatly.  We have had a lot of good lessons with her this week.  She went to church yesterday and then at night she went to a baptism that some other elders had in the chapel.  After the Baptism she said that she was excited for her baptism so that was pretty awesome!!!  She is going to be a great member.  She has a sister that is less active, and before she went to church on sunday, she went and invited her sister to go to.  but her sister said that she didn´t want to… well Teresa didn´t like that answer and then burned her sayint “with all of the blessings that you have had in this last week, how canyou not go and thank God, if you don´t go, it will be on your concious and you will feel bad” Teresa then left a little angry and went church… 10 after teresa had gotten to church, her sister showed up too!  it was really funny haha.
      Sadly Evelin has had some problems this week.  She is way excited to stop drinking and doing all of those bad things… but on thursday night, she had a relapse with alcohal…. so we went on saturday to talk with her, and we decided that she needed more support in that moment.  So we talked with her and got her excited to go to church on sunday and everything was perfect, everything was ready…. but… saturday night she went to her boyfriends house and “stayed the night” (chastity is the biggest problem here) so she didn´t go to church on sunday because she was at her boyfriends house…. it is a little frustrating because she is making a lot of progress with the word of wisdom.  In spite of the fact the she relapsed, that was the first time she had gone dfrinking in like two weeks, so she is doing really good there.  But now she is just trading for a sin that is even stronger… so that is our battle… we are going to have to be a little more direct… even though we already to chastity… very directly…. i guess it didn´t quite sink in haha….
DAD- I´m glad real is doing better.  We just had some shirts made for the zone and we actually picked Real´s B jersey. they came out ALMOST perfect. but they still look good..,, Where did you go riding.
MOM- Sounds like you had a busy and fun week. i had no idea that you are such a baseball pro!!!  And that is great the Paul and Christian got the priesthood, Christian is getting really close to leaving isn´t he?
ERIC- how many dirt bikes do you have now? what kind are they and what size?
Los amo un montón
.-Elder Griffin

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