20 April

Hello hello everybody!!!

      I´m glad to hear that everything is gong just fine and dandy back home.  Things here are really going great!!!
      We are still having a great time here and still seeing some good success here, thankfully.  This last week we found 3 new investigators.  They are named Dana, Mayli, and Sumaya.  They are all really cool.  We actually first came into contact with them a few weeks ago with Elder Dorson, we were walking home one night when some guy just called out to us in the street.  So we went over and started talking to him and his daughter.  It was pretty cool so we set up a return date and kept going.  Well the day of the lesson i was on an interchange that day, and due to some little things that went on they didn´t make it to the lesson, but this week we were looking for something to do when we decided to go and visit an old referral, which never led to anything, but when we knocked on the door, The daughter (Dana) answered!!! it was really cool, right then we talked to her for a minute and then set up a return date to talk with her and her family in the family store that they have.  So on the day of the lesson, we went to the store and found out that the parents don´t want anything to do with us, but their three daughters are al really excited to talk with us.  Since then we have had a few good lessons with them and they even came to church yesterday.  We invited them to be baptised on the 9 of the next month and they accepted.  It´s really cool to teach them because they remember stuff really weel.  And the questions are really good questions, you can tell that they are interesed in just learning more about Christ.
      With Johan and Jessica everything is going great, we got the last of the things that they need for their marriage today and tomorrow they are going to go and sign up with the city to get their marriage date down exact.  They both are still very excited and i am so glad that they are fnally gonig to take these steps that are so important.
      The other investigator that is showing a ton of progress is Jeremy.  He is 14 years old.  I was a little nervous to teach him to be honest because although the parents have given permision for him to be baptised, they are not real supportive of him, and i don´t want him to get baptised if he isn´t truly ready and if he doesn´t have a true desire to get baptised.  But this last week he has shown us this desire.  He told us that his parents took his brother to a different church to be baptised and he told them that he doesn´t want to be baptised there because he wants to be baptised with us!  Apart from that, he is always waiting for us at the church to recieve the lessons and he really understandes everything!!!  He is very excited to be baptised, and for some other things that he has said and things that we have seen, i have no doubt that he is going to get baptised, and even more, i know that he is ready to be baptised, so on the second of may, he will be getting baptised, i don´t think that we could stop him haha!!
      So for P day we went to something that is called the imagination park.  It is a little muesem thing that has some reallly cool sciency stuff.  To be honest, it´s for little kids…. but it was still way fun!  They had a lot of really cool little things that were fun to dink around with!!
MOM- That´s great that spencer has his papers in! be sure to let me know where he is going, i say Argentina….  And i´m glad that Christian is going to, it´s going to be a great expirience for him.  And be sure to let sister Schofield know that i love her and that i am praying for her!!
ANDY- Who knows, maybe he´ll remeber those 7 words and you´ll be the new tim cook because of them….  And you just gotta learn to enjoy the hammock, they are amazing!!! but that´s cool that they let you do that, how big was the radio tower?
ERIC- Bacan, no quiero ser malo pero, cuando empieza el próximo ciclo?  Jaja, entonces sigues con los compras y ventas de Ksl, esta bien esta bien jaja.  Cuales clases tomaste este ciclo? cuales vas a tomar este ciclo que viene?
Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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