18 May

Well helo helo everybody!!!

      Wel i guess we`ll just get right into it!!
      This week has been a pretty awesome week!!  It was a little sow as far as the numbers, but we had a llot of great expiriences!
      Starting with the temple Trip!!! On saturday we had the great opurtunity to go to the temple with the ward and our converts.  Unfortunatly Jessica and Marisa couldn´t go, but Diego could and man, it was awesome to see him go into the temple and enjoy it.  But i think the best part was that we went early with an investigator named syd (you are going to see photos and see his name a ot here).  He was able to go with in the morning and walk around and feell the spirit.  It was a great expirience he really loved it!!  He even went into the distribution center and bought stuff.  He bought a book of mormon for kids with pictures, in his work he works with troubled kids, so he bought it to be able to read to the kids at work.  I think it´s awesome that he wants to share the book of Mormon with the kids at his work!!
      So after the amazing temple trip, Sunday followed up with a power house!  The same Syd that went to the temple with us, got baptised!!  It was really cool because like I explained last week, we have had a lot of cool expiriences with him.  And even though it wasn´t the smoothest baptisimal program, it was still amazing to see Syd do it, because he did it with a desire to follow God, because he recieved an answer from God, recognized it, and then acted on it.  It took a lot of faith and trust on his part because his whole family is Catholic and he actuallly ony tod his mom that he was going to be baptised.  I really love seeing the gospel take part in people´s lives.
      So transfer news… i´m getting transferred to a Zone called San martin, that´s all i know until tomorrow haha….
      I`m going to keep this short so i can send more fotos… hope that´s ok….
Los amo un monton!!!
-Elder Griffin

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