15 June

Hey everybody!!!

      I´m glad everything is going good back home!!  Sounds like everything is just truckin right alnog.
      This week has been ok.  The area is in a little bit of a dry spot, a lot of the old investigators have stopped progressing, so we have been spending a lot of time looking for new people… which means a lot of walking and a lot of praying.  And yesterday, Peru had a very important soccer game in the America Cup, so everybody was watching and getting drunk… but hey, we found a couple of new people to teach that show a lot of potencial.  I think we are starting to see a turn around here in the area.
      So first off with the Rojas family.  We had a couple of lessons with them this last week and the went pretty well.  I really enjoy teaching them, most of the time the lessons are filled with a lot of good questions that they have, and then the answers that we have they always seem to accept. and the general spirit that we fill with them is always pretty storng and it makes it really easy to talk about the gospel.  I feel right at home with them, even though we have only had like 3 lessons i feel like i have known them for a very long time.  And we had two really cool things happen with them in the last week.  We had a lesson with them where we invited them to be baptised. the were a little slow to accept it honestly, but they accepted it.  We told them “look, we know that you still have a lot to learn, and we don´t want you to get baptised unless you feel and know that this is true, so before july 11th, so that you can feel ready you need to do some things…” and a couple other things like that… but the end point was, was that if the wanted to prepare and get an answer from God, they first had to put their part.  Now here it is not to hard to get someone to accept a date, but what is hard is getting them ready, what is hard is getting them to take the steps to get an answer, such as going to church at 8 in the morning….  But that is also something really great about this family.  The second really cool thing that happened, is that they took some steps and went to church with us on sunday, so they are at least backing up their compromises.  WE are seeing progress with them and i am confident that if we work hard, and if they keep their compromises, they will get baptised.
      We also found a few new investigators last night.  Their names are Teresa and Evelin.  The are referrals from some recient converts in the ward.  We ahve actually been trying to contact them for abou 2 weeks, but they haven´t been able to recieve us.  But fianlly we were able to talk to them yesterday, and it was really cool.  It was a very basic and normal first lesson but it went very well.  They had a lot of really cool questions that helped us to build confidence and help them see our purpose.  They used to be part of a christian church called living water, but after the pastor did some questionable things, the decided to stope going, and haven´t really gone to another church since, but after the lesson, they seemed to like what we were teaching, the daughter even said to come back whenever we could! so that was cool, i´m pretty excited to how things go with them!
      Things here with Elder gonzalez are going pretty good, we get along well and haven´t had any problems.  The new zone is also doing alright, they each zone has different problems but we are working had with them so that we have success here, we have a lot of potential.
      For pday we are just having a personal day, me and my comp are going to go buy some things that we need and then clean a little and then just enjoy the day!!
DAD- have fun at work!
MOM- Well at least you finished with all thoses certificates!  When is jessi due?  And i do know elder lemon, not to well but i do know him….
ANDY- I´m glad that you are getting into your call, keep working hard!
Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin

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