13 July

Hey Everybody!

      It´s grezat to hear from you! and thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes.
      Ths week was a pretty good week.  It went way better then last week so that is always nice haha….
      Sadly with the Rojas family we still haven´t had anything more then phone contact.  Their daughter has been in the hospital for like 2 weeks.  The father told us that she would probably be let out of the hospital yesterday, so we gotta call today to see how they are doing and when we can go by to visit.  To be honest i am a little nervous…  All this went down at such a crucial time for them, they were right on the line of making the yes or no desision, and it makes me nervous that we haven´t had any realy solid contact witht them for like 2 weeks.  So when we do finally talk with them, it is going to have to be the most spritually uplifting lesson in the world!
      But the biggest miracle we saw this week was with Evalin.  So like i said last week, she disappeared and that made us kind of frustrated, needless to say, but i think it was tuesday that we found her, her mom, and her sister (Evelin, Teresa, and Oriana).  And we had a very straight talk with them.  We talked a lot how about it is great to have a desire to change but unless we act on it we are loosing out on all of the blessing and priviledges that God has for us.  We watched the Mormon Message about the man on the Cruz that didn´t live up to his privledges.  Anyway, since that lesson, they have made a complete 360….  We are meeting with them almost everytday of the week, and they are taking the steps to make the changes in their lives that they need.  Everytime they get tempted or have a rough time, the grab the Book of Mormon and start reading, even if is 4 in the morning.  And because of that, they are erally progressing!! on Saturday, we took Evelin to a Baptism that another group of missionaries had in the chapel and she loved it! After the baptism, she said “I want to have a baptism exactly like that!”  It was really great to hear.  And to put the cherry on top, Evelin and Teresa went to church yesterday and i think they really enjoyed it!! i am really excited to go back tomorrow to see how they are doing… it is great to see the gospel change lives like that!
      But i think that the coolest thing that has happened, went down yesterday.  I got a call in the afternoon from the elders that are in my first area.  They told me that Yanina (my first convert) will be endowed on thursday and that she wants me to be part of the group that goes with her.  The temple being so close to the mission, we can get permision to do that kind of thing, and i have permision, so on thursday i will be going to the temple to see Yanina get endowed…. i can´t wait!!!
      My birthday was very uneventful, exactly what i wanted, i really didn´t tell anybody that it was my birthday, it just didn´t seem important, also, the tradicion is that on your birthday everybody throws eggs at you… so that was also some additional encouragement to keep it on the down low….  But today we are gonig to play soccer, go somewhere nice to eat, and then go to the zoo, so it should be a pretty good celebration today”!
DAD-  That sucks about real… they where so good not so long ago… who has been carded?  And just hang in there with Woody´s… one day you´ll be running that joint!
MOM- I haven´t gotten the package yet… thinking about it. about a month ago the mission offices changed locations, Pres Borg told us that he sent a messaje to you… even if you didn´t know, the package should get here this week or the next…. Be sure to say thanks to Sister Schofield for me!!
ANDY- Sounds like you had a pretty fun week.  Who did the Giants play?
JESS AND SAM- Glad to hear from you and hope all goes well with my nephew!!!!
ERIC- Island park rocks!  Who did you go  with?
Los amo,
Elder Griffin

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