1 June

Hey everybody!!!

     I´m glad to hear that everything is going good back home!!
      Things here are going pretty good, i´m getting use to the sector and the people and the ward, but all of those things are small so it´s a pretty adjustment haha.  WE´re working hard and i know that we´ll be able to do some great things here.
      That being said, with everyweek that goes by, I see more clearly the magnitude of the iceburg that is in front of us, i´m not going to go into detail about many things that have happened but it suffith me to say (that came like straight our of the scriptures haha) in this week the ward had a temple trip where about 20 people went and not a single ward leader was there, just us… but despite all of that, we have had a lot of really great expiriences lately.
      So just to start out with something a little light hearted.  They closed a sector down in the zone 2 weeks ago, so in the last week the secretaries went to take all of the stuff out of the old room.  but instead of taking it to the store house, for some reason they thought  it would be better just to put it in our room, so we lent them our keys and continued with the day.  We gave them very clear instruccion to put the keys above the door on the door frame so that we could get back in. Well they didn´t do it… so when we got back at about 9, we were locked out.  The land lord doesn´t have copies either.. sop that was fun, we then tried to hire a lock smith, but because of the hour, nobody was open… so we ended having to break the little window about the door to get into the house… it was pretty awesome haha! and by the way, my new room is amazing, it´s nice and big and the water heater works!
      And now for a spiritul note….  We have a family of new onverts that we are working with named Angel and Jessica.  So we went to their house the other day and we started talking about the atonement.  and as we i was talking, a part of an aricle that i had read came to my mind, that talks about how a lot of people think that our idea of becoming like Christ demeans the need for a Saviour, but how it is only through Christ that we can become like him, that it is only because of the hand that he lowers down to us that makes it possible for us to rise up to him.  So as we started talking about how his hand lift us up, Jessica freaked out and started explaining how three days ago, she had had a dream where she saw the saviour and he was lowering his hands to help her up.  It was really cool because we were able to help her understand the dream that she had had.  I love wen the spirit helps you have the exact words to say to a person and just how perfect the plan of God is.  I had only read that article because i got bored last week in internet because I got only 3 letters, but having the extra time became a blessing because it helped us prepare for something even more important, I love seeing the hand of God in our lives!!
DAD- What do you mean by him beeing more un then jason, what does he do to bee more fun?  And what kinda stuff are you doing at home?
MOM-Thanks for the recipe, i´m going to enjoy it haha, and your talk was really great mom, i enjoyed it a lot
ANDY-  I´m glad youre settling into your new Calling.  And i won´t be able to go on splits to these old areas.  Even though they super close, they are all different zones… can´t really do it haha.
ERIC- Congrats on the new calling!!!
Los amo un montón!!
-Elder Griffin

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