6 April

Well hello hello my dear family!
It is so great to hear form so many of you this week!
It has been an alright week here, a little slow but still good none the less. We had another lesson with Johan and Jessica this week, we just did a real simple family night with them about the atonement. It is a little difficult right now because we want to talk to them about changing their marriage date for a lot of reasons. One jessica has been having some major health problems (Such as possible tumors and extreme things like that) and she needs to have the blessing of a worthy priesthood holder in her house, it´s true that Johan has the melquisidec priesthood but if he isn´t married then he isn´t entirly worthy. This family really needs the blessings of the priesthood in their lives right now. Also we want them to realize that the civil marriage isn´t all that big of a deal and what should be a bigger deal is being sealed. We want them to be married ASAP so that their parents can be there when they get sealed… now we are so close with them that we could easily talk about all of that with them, but johan has his parents and his sister in his house for a few weeks on vacation, they are all members and are always there which is fine, but it makes it a little hard to have the conversations that we need…. But everything is fine, they went to conference, and honestly it is now just a waiting game, we are going to challenge her to read the whole book of Mormon b efore her marriage, because she has a lot of time haha.
We are also working with a guy named Syd, he was a reference from the churches website. We have been teaching him for several weeks, the problem is that with his work schedule, it is really difficult for him to attend and to have constant contact with him. He is really cool, he is catholic but he says he doesn´t really believe in them anymore for a few things that he has seen that are not in agreement with the scriptures (isn´t it great what happens when people study the scriptures, they can learn so much!). Anyway, because there is just so much to general conference, he was able to go to the priesthood session, he really liked it! we have a lesson with him on Friday and i am really excited to talk and visit with him some more, we have a lot of hope for him!!
And then of course, the weekend we just spent in the stake center watching general conference! It´s the best in the mission…. The talks were really good this time. I really enjoyed the last four talks of the sunday morning session. Bishop Causse´s talk on the spirit was excelent and elder Holands talk was super spritual, the story about the two brothers was just awsome. and Uchtdorf… well he is always amazing. But i think i agree with mom in saying that Elder Nelson stole the show for me….
So tomorrow marks the end of transfers. Tomorrow Elder Dorson will leave… and i will be getting a new companion. The transfers just keep passing by faster and faster!! So today we are just going to spend the day visiting old areas of Elder Dorson. B ecause our mission is so small, we have permission to do that stuff… it might be a very trunky day!!!!

DAD- that sucks!!!! Let them know that i am interested in filling his spot… i´ll do my best to perfect my english accent…. that´s terrible it just won´t be the same…. on the lighter side of things that is great about real… with all the new players they are still probably just looking for their groove,as the season goes on they´ll get into it. It´s been about 4 and a half months since my last transfer. i think i´ll stay here for one more transfer (6 weeks to complete 6 months here) and then get out haha… in this mission we tend to stay in areas for about 6 months… i´ll probably end with 5 areas, which is a lot for our mission.
MOM- sadly those three kids have disappeared a little, we have a lesson with joel tomorrow but we haven´t seen the other two… But that sounds like a pretty relaxing way to spend the weekend, candy and confernce, it don´t get any better then that! In peru they don´t just celebrat easter, the celbrate la semana santa (the holy week). Because everybody is catholic the celebrate the whole week, thursday through sunday are federal holidays. They have big parades with big idols of the cruxifiction (sorry for the spelling). It´s cool, but at the same time i´m not a fan of all the big statues of the Savior on the cross, the can be a little gross some times….
ANDY- So are you working on any big projects right now then? When are you going to release a new iPad? That´s kind cool that they sell stuff in gold….
ERIC- por fin se que vivas! y que malo onda con esta carta trunky!! pero la verdad sería super bacán a trabajar con Botts. Y también a ir a moab, nunca he ido allá, pero me gustaría bastante a ir…. has decido en lo que va a estudiar?
SAM- How many months does jessi have pregnant? Have you decided on a name yet? Thanks for that advice, to be honest i have been really bad with my journal these last few months and should probably do better to keep it up to date….

Los amo un monton!!!
-Elder Griffin


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