30 March 2015

Well hello hello everybody!!!
Glad to hear from all of you!! I´m glad that evewrybody is doing well ad alive!
This week was pretty good, we ahd a lot of really cool things happen, as usual there were also a few let downs but hey, that is just part of the work!
So we´ll get the disapointing news out of the way first so that we can end on a high note…. So i´m guessing that you all relmember what was going down with juessica last week, that she was having a whole bunch of stress and freakish medical stuff. We went back later that week and they told us that they had decided to get married and that they were really excited. So they finally got started working on all of the marriage arrangements and went and got all of the medical things and verything was gong great. But then the city told them that they had to wait at least 20 days for a DNI (it´s like their citizenship number) problem, so they went and tried to go to diferent city and they all said that it would be about 20 days. Now 20 days isn´t too bad, but the problem is is that Johans parents are in town from now till the second week in april, and then they are going back home to chiclayo, which is very from here. They won´t be getting back until july… so johan and jessica aren´t going to get married until july… so that is a bit of a bumber, there is no way that i´m going to be here for that…. But i guess what is really imporant is that they do get married and sealed eventually. So now our goal is to help them keep going strong, we had a really awesome lesson a few days ago about the Temple and about being sealed… we really wanted them to get the picture that the idea is not only baptism but to be sealed as a family in the temple. It was super spiritual and i know that they will eventually be able to be sealed. This family is probably one of the best families i have met here and i hope and pray that they can continue until they get sealed, and then be faithful to the covenants that they make so that they can be eternaly together and happy!!
The other things that are pretty cool about this week is that we have some ward member that are finally getting some work done. We got three references this week and they are all for young men from 12 to 16. An they are all amazing. One kid is named Joel, he is 16 years old and he is the friend of a kid that is soon going on amission. This kid really is prepared, he understands really well all of the lessons that we teach and he really seems to have a desire to learn and come unto Christ. Unfurtunaty he was not able to come to church this week, so we got to track him down again, but i really do think that he can be baptised really soon so that he cna start to progress. It´s amazing the miracles that come when a ward get´s good leaders who a ready to work.
With the new bishop and the new ward mission leader this ward is making a 360, the ward councils have become somthing extraordinary. The are affective and they are finally starting toi use all of the tools and are finally getting things done. The whol feeling of the warde is changing and it is become a very awesome place to be, i´m happy to be serving here!!
so today for pday, we cooked whats called completos. It´s pretty much hot dogs with guaca mole. It´s a food very famous in Chile, so we cooked it up because it´s super easy to do and it is very good. WE then played carnavales (water fights) And now we are just doing internet so that we can got and chill before we go to work….

DAD- It´s actually very hot here still, some of these days are just killers!!! Whatr´s the news on Top Gear?
MOM- Kevin is already home? that is insane!! That´s cool about amy, be sure to say congrats for me. Has anybody i know gotten a mission call lately?
ANDY- What´s going on in the apple tech world?

Los amo un montón!
-Elder Griffin


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