13 April

Well hello hello everybody!!!!!!
Glad to hear that htings are going good back home, it´s always the best part of pday to be able to write to you guys!!
This week has been amazing! First things first, i got a new companion, his name is Elder Silva he is from Piura Peru. He only has one transfer more then i do so i don´t have to worry about trunkiness or killing him (when you are with a companion and he finishes his mission (missionary vocabulary)) and i can honestly say that we are seeing some great miracles here!
First off, for the family that we all know and love, Johan and Jessica. To be honest we were really bummed that they were going to wait so long to get married because we have worked with them so much and we just want them to finally come into the fold of Christ. But this week some really awsome things have happened! We had a loeeson with them the other day and we literally just talked about… well lot´s of things. And by the end of the visit they said that they were going to get married in the middle of may (may 9th is the goal)!!!! so after all that, they now have a new goal for marriage and for baptism! It´s reallya great blesssing to see somebody that you know and love start to progress and realize that you can´t wait to recieve the blessing from God!!
And now with Syd. We had a lesson with him on like Friday where we taught lesson 3, the gospel of Jesus Christ. so we explained and taught everything nice and pretty and then invited him to be baptised. he said that he needed to think about it because he had already been baptised and that he thinks it´s not good to be baptised twice, so we shared some other scriptures and then he said that he would think and pray about it. So he came to chruch yesterday and the gospel principals class was pretty much just about baptism and how it is so important that we do it! We have a lesson with him tomorrow and i am really excited to see what he says. If all goes well tomorrow he could be baptised at the end of this month!!
We also had a few lesson with a kid named Joel. He was a reference from a family in the ward. He is 17 years old. We have had a couple lesssons with him and he is really cool, he understands everything super well. The problem was that he never really came to church. But he was always really excited to be baptised and start learning more about Christ. So this week, we had a really cool lesson with him and then invited him to be baptised, he said yes!! so we are now working with him to be baptised on the 9th of may!!! and he even came to church yesterday!!!! so he is really progressing and it is great to see!!!
This week has just been full of miracles!!! We know have 5 people that officially have baptismal dates! Jessica (see above), Joel (still see above), Marisa and Brian (an aunt and her nephew that i had taught like 4 months ago), and Jeremy (another reference from the ward). All of these people are progressing amazingly, they all came to church. I feel like we are finally starting to see the miracles and the fruit of our labor. We have worked so hard here in this sector, and after a lot of time and work, we are starting to see a lot of good things come out of it!!! this is gonna be an amazing transfer and i am very excited to work here. Being a missionary is the Best!!!

DAD- I´m glad you had a good birthday, i´m glad you got to party for a while haha. A least you have a riding mower to help with all that yard work!!
MOM- I´m glad she got that package to ya! And wow Kevin is certainly on the ball isn´t he? Be sure to tell Sister Schofield that I love her and that i am praying for her!!f P day we are just gonna do some buying and then have a water fight!!!

Los amo un monton!!!!


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