23 March 2015


      Well today might be a little short because of time and sleepiness….
      I can´t say that it was a terrible week, can`t say that it was the best… we had a lot of ups and downs.
      One really cool thing that happened this week is that we had a multizone this week.  The guy that spoke to us was an ex companion of president Borg.  It was really cool because he explained the atonement in a really cool way.  we read from all of the diefferent gospels at the same time to understand it all way better.  HOw he did it was really cool and i learned a lot.  He explained a lot of really heavy doctrine but ina really cool way.  I really enjoyed it, i´ll have to show ya some time!
      So on thursdaywe went on work exchanges with one of the district leaders.  It was really fun.  One of the lessons that we had was with Jessica and Johan, the couple that are working are getting married and towards baptism.  From the get go, we got really scarred and nervous.  When we asked them how the prep was going Jessica started saying how she has a lot of doubts and how she is´t sure if she wants to marry Johan and if she even wants to get married right now!! it was super stressful because she is the best investigator that we have to be quite honest.  But after that we were able to have a sweet lesson.  We talked to her about how when we try to do something good, is when all of the adversity comes.  And we explained that even though it was hard at the moment, that if she kept going it would all pay off. we talked about Paul and his troubles with gettig baptised and then how good he felt when he fianlly got baptised.  And then to top it off we had her close her eyes and think about everything that she wanted for her family, the kind of life that she wanted, and what she wants for her and her son.  Then came the water works.  Ahe started crying hard core and said that she wanted to get married and that she would keep working to get married.  And then to top it off, out of joy, Johan gave me a high five!!!
      Sadly the drama did´t stop there.  We set a lesson with them for last saturday for a family home evening (by request of Jessica).  So we got there, had a super spiritual message prepared about the temple.  So when we got there Johan said “ya, i´ll go get jess” and then he disappeared for like 20 minutes… so we got scared.  20 minutes later he came out and said “sorry elders, i gotta take jess to the hospital, i just found her unconcious and bleeding from her nose….”  so that was pretty scary and obviously we couln´t have alesson, we then helped her down to the car and they left…. and because of all of that, they couldn´t go to church on Sunday.  We haven´t had much communication with them since sunday.  We know that she has problems with migrains, so we think that because of stress for the marriage and all that stuff was just a little much and she popped….  So we are a little nervous for them, but i still have all the faith and hope in the world that they will be able to meet their goals….
DAD- That sucks about byu you, but i guess we just need to fredette about it (are jimmer jokes still accaptable).  That is sad about the mosemans, i hope everything goes well for them.
MOM-That´s cool about Christian, i´m glad he got to do that.  And it sounds like you´re all having all sorts of fun with the fam, hope ya´ll can keep doing it!
ANDY- I rather enjoyed your power tool comment!
los amo
-Elder Griffin

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