16 March 2015

Well hello hello….

      Things here are going pretty good,  This week wasn´t too shabby.
      Firstly, we had a reaaly cool family night the other day with a whole bunch of people.  We did it with Alonso and his parents (the kid we just baptised), paul (the guy we just baptised) and many ward members.  We talked about the restaration….  We watched a little video and then we had testimony meeting afterwards.  It was reaaly cool, to be honest, we have been having some troubles with Paul, but the testimony that he gave was reaaly great and really powerful.  And apart from that, Alonso´s mother was interviewed and reactived this week.  So they are now a complete family and are very happily living the gospel. It was really amazing to see them turn their lives around.  They had been inactive for a lot of time.  But it just goes to show that anybody can come back and it shows how the gospel really makes a difference in peoples lives, sometimes it just takes them a while to realize that, but eventually they do!  The church is so true!!!!
      So on WEdnesday we went to thte temple and it was awesome!  But kindof an interesting story.  So we got there and talked to them about our reservations and then started handing the cards out to everybody (the zone) so that they could later enter.  To make a long story short, they didn´t have enough space, they were four spots short for a session… so obviously, we had to give up our spots, so we were a little upset about that.  But, the temple president then offered us some time to do inictories (sorry for the spelling).  WE really wanted to do a session, but it was impossible.  So we finally decided to take the Presidents offer and it was really cool.  I had only ever done that when i did it for myself.  But it was a cool reminder about how necesary all of the work is.  And all of the stuff that the do in that part is actually really cool.  So i think all in all, we had a great expirience and even though we couldn´t go through a session, it was still very spiritual and i think that God wanted us to remember that in the Temple, there is a lot to do, and it is all very important, but it all makes you feel the spirit.
      Lastly, yesterday was pretty cool.  We had planned with the stake presidency to have a big meetin with all of the first counselers (those who are assigned to mission work) of ever ward to come to the stake for some training.  So the week before the stake presidency gave us an assignment on what we needed to teach. So we thought that we would each teach for about 10 and then the stake presidency would take care of the rest of the time.  But when we got there yesterday all ready with our ten minute lesson (ten minutes each)  they told us that we would be the only ones giving training, and that we need to take up an hour and a half between the two of us!  And we were able to do it, and not only that buyt it was a very cool expirience to feel like we were helping the wards see the vision of the missionarys and help everybody be on the same page.  My ten minute training turned into about 35 minutes and my comp did the same… it was a really cool little expirience.
DAD- I think that that was the saddest thing that sombody could ever tell me.  If top gear gets canceled i´ll probably cry… cuz you cant replace Jeremey….  I´m glad your car is ok, how did the fuel pump go out?  Also, that´s awesome that the jazz are picking it up, i hope the can pull of a great next season….
MOM- Our bishop moved to utah like a month and a half ago, the stake president is currently waiting on the aproval from the first presidency to call the new bishop… it´s been a little stressfull without a bishop haha.  That´s  crazy that Lauren came home already… it seems like everybody is getting home!
ANDY- a 17,000 dollar watch… that is insane… does it come with a car or something?
JESS- CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!  I´m super excited for you guys!
Los amo un montón
-Elder Griffin

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