9 March 2015

Well hello hello everybody!

      Things here are gong good. We are working hard and staying focused and seeing progress, not only in ourselves but even more in the zone.
      This week was diferent then the last couple of weeks that we have had.  We have been in al ot of meetings.  On tuesday we had the monthly meeting with all of the zone leaders and President Borg, a meeting that starts at 9 and ends at like 2, but the buy us pizza so it´s worth it right?  The meetings are really cool because they help us solve problems and learn what the mission presidents vision for the mission is.  And using what we learn in the meeting, we then teach it to the zone the next day to help them see the same goal is the president and then help them understand how to apply it… so that took up a big part of tuesday.
      On wednesday, we had zone conference in the morning (which we teach… obviously)  But then in the afternoon, we went on work exchanges for only like 5 hours with the asistents.  It was a new expiriences.  It is something that should go down every change but we just haven´t done it before.  It was really interesting, because all four of us were in our sector, but just working in pairs.  So for a day, we had 4 missionarys in our sector.  It was really fun but at the same time very stressful because all of my plans failed haha.  We walked a lot.  But we met a lot of people and set up a lot of lessons.  Between the 4 of us we set up like 10 lesson for the next few days.  It was really fun though, i was with Elder Riquelme from Chile.  He is pretty cool, we got a long great.
      So the next few days we ran around trying to get all of the lessons, but sadly most of them fell through, it was just one of those weeks i guess….
      But we did have some cool expiriences this week.  In our mission we are running a new little reference card.  It´s a little card that helps the members become more involved in mission work.  It gives space for 7 names, and then later 7 steps to do with each name.  And so we have been trying to teach all of the ward leaders (except the bishop because there still is not a bishop here) how to use this card.  So we went to the first counseler in the bishopbric and showed it to him and he got super excited!  and not only that, one of the people that he put on the list went to church yesterday and we now have a lesson with him later in the week.  It´s really cool how much better and smoother the work goes when everybody works together instead of working against each other. In my mision i have seen that a lot of the time it´s almost a fight between the ward and the mission, and a lot of good things happened miraculously.  But now we are starting to see even better things happen now that we are trying to help everybodys goals be the same.  WE now are sharing our goals with the ward so that the can better help us meet them.  We have also been in on a few stake meetings to try and help that vision become the same.  not just one meeting but a couple of them, with the stake president, the bishops, and a lot of diferent leaders to help the vision be one and to be a more effective team.  So we are pretty excited to keep working with them and i know that we will so miracles.
      So pday is wednesday because we are going to the temple!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this letter was so weird, but this week was just full of meetings….
Los amo
-Elder Griffin
ps(sorry there is no personal notes, there is not much time…. sorry about your car dad….)

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