9 February 2015


      Just gonna get right into it i suppose…..
      Last week on monday in the morning, we got a call from my dear friend paul… who had recently broken my heart… and he said that he needed to talk to us… so we went over to his house, where he confessed everything to us, and then said, i want to get the next interview so that i can be baptised…. We were stunned!  We called president on the spot and set up an appointment on thursday… so we spent a lot of that week waiting for thursday to come around… finally thursday came… and the hour arrived for the interview… i thought it would last an hour at least…. but they came out after 30 minutes!!! and president said that he was the most prepared and humble person that he had met, he then gave us the baptisimal register signed and ready to go!!! we then talked to Paul, who was very happy and very at peace. It was so good to see him finally put the trust in a servand of the Lord and to see the blessing that come of it.  I am now very excited for Valentines day, because that is the day that he will be baptised!! there are no more obsatcles!!!  To be honest, these last two weeks, we have been through a lot, there is a lot of outside info that i can`t tell you, but things that have just made these last two weeks very dificult, but i am very ahppy to say, that the end is near, and the happiness and joy, are only a few short days away!!!
      From that day, everything has just been going better.  Jessica and Johan and doing great, they are super excited and very motivated.  They are already gettin the marraige arranged and every lesson that we have is something amazing!!!! the spirit is always very strong with them, and i have no doubt that there ending will be a very happy one indeed, and it will also be eternal!!!!!!  And the best parat is, he has a car, and takes us home every time we have a lesson with them haha!!!
      The other great thing that we have going on is the Santiago family.  The mom and dad are less actives, the dad even served a mission.  They now have an 11 year old son who they want to be baptised. obviously the first step is to help the parents, they want to be back in the church and have already come by themselbes two times….  It`s really great to see people remember their testimonis that at one point were so strong, and to see them realize that they need the Gospel in their lives to truly be bapised.  I`m very escited for them, even though the kid isn`t to open and excited yet, if we halp his parents get back into the church with full force, he will want to be there with them, and they will also be able to have an eternal family.
      So for pday today, we did another burger grill.  I really enjoy it, in makes me feel relaxed.  I love big exciteing p days, but at the same time, sometimes i just enjoy cooking and talking with the crew.  We then had a water fight, because in february, they have them all the time here, it`s called carnavales, and we always can get permision to do it… because it`s way hot…
      By the way, my bishop here in the ward, just moved to taylorsville… that`s kinda cool….
DAD- Sorry about the hawks… i was rootin for them too. But hey, march maddnes is just around the corner, and now that i left, you have cable! and can watch everything!!!!!
MOM- That`s cool about Jake, texas is cool, and by cool i mean really hot….  As far as the contacts, i haven´t even opened the second box… i probably ought to change them more often…. i wear them all the time….
ANDY- well it might be a routine life, but at least you remember to keep the missionarys fat!!!!
JESS- i`m sayin a boy… cuz there funner… cuz i don`t wanna play dress up!!!!
ERIC- la verdad quiere ir a los montañas igual… y cuando vas a progresar con la chica? Necesitas seguir!!! cuales clases estas tomando?
Los amo un montón, que tengan una semana muy linda….
-Elder Griffin

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