8 December 2014

Hello everybody!

      Glad to hear from ya´ll this week…..
      I guess i´ll get right into it… I got transferred…. I was only in my last area for one transfer.  I didn´t even get to end the training of elder Arias.  My new zone is Limatambo, and my new area is Balconcillio 1…. i have also been put as a Zone Leader…..  I have the same job as i had as a district leader, but instead of 6 missionaries, i have to do it for 34.  I now also have to give training meetings to the whole zone, go to leadership meetings once a month with all of the other zl´s and President Borg, inspect the rooms of my zone, fix problems between companions, fix problems with apartments, and a whole bunch of other stuff too…. My new companion is named Elder Apaza from Bolivia, this is his last tranfer in the mision, so he goes home in about 5 weeks….
      So this week we have been pretty busy.  on Thursday we had a big huge leadership meeting that lasted from 9:30 in th morning until like 1:30 in the afternoon… so that was a blast….  And then after, in place of working in our area, we had to go and talk to some land owners about some problems with the rooms of a couple of the elders in the zone who haven´t had light in their room for like two weeks.  So because of all that, we spent pretty much the whole week looking for rooms for the elders.  We spent about 2 days looking for rooms that are good enough for the elders.  Then on Saturday we spent the whole day moving the Elders from their old house to their new house… so all of that has been fun….
      My new ward is called Balconcillio.  It´s a good ward and a good stake… but there is a lot of work to do here with the leaders.  The ward council is a little bit.. rough. i´ll just say that we have some work to do to help the work here progress.  There hasn´t been a ward mission leader here for about 6 months… so that is something that we gotta change.  But hey, maybe that´s why i´m here, to help the ward run like it should.
      I´m not gonna lie, i feel a little inadecuado with all of this because a lot depends on the ZL´s.  It´s really stressful to have to deal with all of the stuff in the zone and with my own sector and ward.  But i have noticed one thing with my whole mission, i feel like i make a lot of personal progress until i reach a point where i can do everything calmly, then i kindof stay at that level because i can do everything that i need to.  But after all that, i feel like the Lord gives me something more to do like, train a white missionary, be a district leader while opeing an area and training, and now, ZL.  It´s really amazing how the Lord knows us, he knows exactly what to do to help us make the most personal progress, to help us develop and learn as fast as possible.  I feel like he is throwing all this stuff on me because this kind of thing makes me be the best missionary that i can be.  It´s hard, it really is hard but i feel like i always come out better on the end and i feel like that is something that will keep happening until i die haha….
MOM- Don´t worry about the packages, they´ll get here when they get here.  How did your ward coordination go with the missionaries?  That´s really awesome what ashly did, i hope that we can all learn something from that.
ANDY- Yeah i hope they understand that there will be no alchohal there either haha.  And that sounds pretty cool about the nativity sceans… they are also pretty big here too….
JESS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 25… wow you´re a little old….

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