5 January 2015

well first things is first….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

      Now that we have moved passed that…..  It´s great to hear from everybody, i´m also gald to hear that everybody had a good holiday……
      Things here are going pretty good… it was a bit of a slower week because of all the festivaties.  But it was also pretty good, we were able to get in contact with a couple of people and even met a few people.
      Wednesday and Thursday we spent just celebrating, we actually got to watch two movies, on Tuesday, the asistents informed us that that very day, President recieved a copy of “Meet the Mormons“, the new documentary that the church released a while back, so on wednesday President Borg invited the whole mission to wath it in one of the stake centers… it was pretty awesome.  I really enjoyed the movie, it was a lot of fun to be there with all of my friends in the mission but the movie is also way good, if you haven´t seen it yet, you should see it, it rocks!!!!!
It was a really great way to spend the last day of the year…..
      Then on Thursday, we spent the whole day playing sports.  At 9 in the morning we played with alll the zone leaders in the mission.  We played for a few hours.  Then after that,at 12, our zone came, and we played with them until about 6 at night.  at 6 we were able to watch”the penguins of madegascar”  it was pretty good, it was funny and an interesting way to spend the first day of the year.  For dinner i spent a lot of time in the kitchen making pancakes for the zone, to be honest, i kinda like cooking a ton of food for the zone, it´s kinda fun….
      Aftaer all that, we just got back to work as normal, we were able to meet a few new people and get a few good lessons in.  Sadly Solangel didn{t get baptised, her parents haven´t been to supportive and they have been kinda filling her head full of ideas that are a little false… so we have had to help her learn the truth of th things that we believe….
      We finally were able to get back into contact with Ancelmo, he is doing pretty good.  We talked to him for a little while, it was a pretty basic lesson with him, he is still really angry with his family.  But the good part is is that he came to church yesterday, he seemed to really enjoy it, i think know that he has come to church, he will start to progress a little better.  He is really cool, but he does have athe problem that he talks a little… well… quite a lot actually haha.
      We also met a guy named Paul.  He made contact with the church a little while ago through some friends.  When we started talking to him, he told us that he was looking to get closer to God, and that he wanted us to help him do it….  He really seems ready to come closer to God, and i feel that he has realy desire to do it, but the problem is that he has a few problems really big, problems that i am not going to mention here.  He wasn{t able to go to church yesterday, but he seems really interested, i feel like he is really excited to listen.
      So today has been a good pday.  We went to Lar Comar again, the mall on the beach, and rode bikes again, i think i could do that eery pday happily haha
EVERYBODY- Well sounds like everybody had a great couple of days, i´m glad that ya´ll could relax.  It´s also great to hear that so many cool things are going down like trips to hawaii, i hope everythinga agoes well….
los amo
-Elder Griffin

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