29 December 2014

hello hello everybody!

      It was so good to talk to all of you!  I hope everybody had a great Christmas!
      Christmas here was pretty good, we spent Christmas with the Alvarado family, one of the families in the ward.  We watched the city explode and ate turkey and hung out, it was pretty nice and relaxing… apart from all of the explosions….  And Christmas day we hung out with the zone all day playing sports and made pancakes for dinner.. it was pretty cool.  I miss having our Christmas in our house but at thee same time i´m sad that this is the last time i´ll get to celebrate Christmas as a missionary.  It´s just such a different expirience and i´m gonna miss it a ton.
      So after Christmas we just got back to work as normal.  We have been working a lot with a girl named Solangel (sun angel haha).  She is 16 years old.  She has been in contact with missionarys for many years, her brother is also a member.  We had put her with a baptisimal date for this Saturday, but i´m not sure if she is going to be able to… these last two weeks she has seemed to kind of get lazy, she keep telling us that she wants to be baptised but she has gotten a little lazy.  The other problem that we have with her is that her parents aren´t giving her permision.  The parents are scared because they´re son got baptised and then like three months later he and a girl from a different stake “fell”… and he is now going to be a father… and he´s 18… so that doesn´t really help…. so that has been our main fight with the investigators this week.
      Apart from her… we don´t really have many more…. we had like 10 investigators when i got here, but a few days ago we made the choice to drop almost all of them… all but three.  They just don´t want to listen to us anymore and aren´t showing progress… it´s sad to have to let people go, but we can´t keep lloking for them every single day….  So we are going to back off a little,  we´ll keep looking for them, but we are going to put some more effort in finding new people this week.
      So the plan for new year is going to be very similar to the plan that we had for Christmas.  We have permission to get back to our house late.  We also have permission to watch a movie with the zone.  President gave us the choice between Frozen, the penguins from madagascar and the lion king… so that is… interesting…  And then on the first we are going to do something with all the other zone leaders in the morning and in the afternoon we are going to hang out with the zone.  So that should be fun… new year here is even crazier than Christmas so the show should be amazing… i´m pretty stocked, it should be a lot of fun….
MOM- About being an uncle… wow… i just don´t even know what to say… i´m pretty excited!  Maybe he´ll be born on the 12th….  And i´m sure you´ll get the hang of the phone, and facebook, don´t worry they both will be worth it in the end haha.

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