26 January 2015

Well thankfully i can say that this week was free of diapers and bathing old men…. it was replaced by a lot of really awesome things… this week was awesome!!!

      So let´s start off with Paul… remeber the really aweosme investigator that didn´t go to church?  Well we found him… and he had a pretty good reason that he didn´t go….. his cousin, who lives like way far away, died… and he is the only famly that she had… so he had to go clear over to wherever she lived, and do all of the boring legal stuff.  He said that he felt bad all day week that he couldn´t go to church…. But we were able to ahve couple of really good lessons with him this week….  He is still really excited to be baptised on Saturday, he came to church and everything.  He told us that he wants to be baptised so badly, that he would go even if there was a huge earthquake that day, so i am pretty excited for him, and know that he will be baptised.  The only problem is that he only has 2 of 3 attendences because his cousin died… so we are going to have to call President Borg to get permision to baptiase him, but he is so prepared that i know we will get permision to do it….  He is just so aweomse…..
      I think maybe the best apart of this week was Thursday.  Elder Godoy (the guy that spoke in portugues in conference) came and did like a 3 hour seminar with us.  It was amazing!!!!!!!  WE have had a couple of meeting with different general authorities but this one was easily my favorite.  For the first hour, it was a leadership meeting, he asked us to talk about the strengths and weakenss of the mission.  Then what we talked about, he went and gave us solucions in the meeting witha everybody.  So he didn´t prepare anything, he just went by the spirit.  The split the mission in half and half went one day, and half went the other day, i talked with the AP´s the other day and they said that the 2 conferences were compoletly different.  I think i liked it so much because the spirit was incredibly strong, it always is with generaly authoritys, but this time there was just so much more love.  When Elder Wadel came, he just burned the mission…. it helped, but we left feeling really bad.  But with Elder Godoy, he gave us suggestions and a lot of advice that was really helpfull, but it just idn´t feel like he was burning us, there was just so much love and concern for us, we could tell that he really cared for us and that all that he said was to edify and help us be a more succesful mission… it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He may be one of my new favorites…..
      So pday was pretty good today, we did another sports day with all of the Zone leaders, sometimes it feels weird only inviting the ZL´sa but it was really sweet, we then went and ate at a pizza buffet… so that rocked… that´s about it.
DAD- It is going very well with mynew comp, we get along really well and work well together, he goes home in about 2 months….  and yes, we are in the heat of summer, it is pretty rough…. it´s so humid….
MOM- Wow kaeden is engaged? that is crazy, tell him congrats on m y part.  And elder Dorson will abe the second companion that i can visit after….a
ANDY-  That is great about stake conference, i´m glad it was good… and i´m glad that you are dating….
Los amo un monton
-Elder Griffin

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