23 February 2015

Well hello hello everybody!!

      Glad to hear from you as always!
      This week was alright… It was a little hard but not to bad….
      Jessica and Johan are doing alright… they are still way excited to get married and for her to be baptised, but their little kid who is less then two months old has gotten sick, so they were not able to go to church yesterday.  But they are still very aceppting and honestly some of my favorite people to visit.  The spirit is always just so strong when we are with them and the lesson are just fun to teach. I am really loooking forward to their marraige and for her to be baptised….
      Alonso is doing very well also.  Everything is getting set up for his baptism on saturday…. His dad even got interviewed which means that he is reactivated and that he will be able to do the baptism for his son as well.  It`s really cool to this family progress becase they came out of nowhere.  They looked for us and everything.  And the other day when we went to teach them, we found a room full of new people, a mix of less actives and new investigators and PF´s… i don´t know where it will go with all of them but really it is really awesome to see members come back with full force and just work really hard.
      That also happened with a new family in the ward this week to.  Their is a family that just moved here and that has invited us to dinner a couple of times.  Well while we were there he told us to go and sit in the living room.  and a few minutes later, he brought in all of the renters that are in his house and we were able to teach them a lesson.  Honestly of the three, only one seemed interested, but now we have a new investigator that could progress, all thanks to the brother that presented (that can`t be good english) us to her.  We are going back on Sunday to see what`s up.  The bad part is is that she is always busy except for sunday so it might be kinda hard to teach her alot.
      so that is the most exciting of the things that went down last week.  Today is just a personal pday.  Transfers are tomorrow but we are now not allowed to do transfer meeting. so pday is today and tomorrow will be a normal day except for those who are getting changed.
los amo. que tengan una semana muy buena.
-Elder Griffin

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