22 December 2014

Feliz navidad a todos!!!

      Well i think i´ll be short today because well… we´ll be talking here pretty soon!!!!
      I can´t really say that this week was the best week haha… we had a lot of lessons fall through.  We just had a lot of weird things that we had to do.  For example, we lost all day on tuesday getting the room ready for our new companion, Elder Arevalo from Iquitos Peru, so we didn{t get anything done that day.  And always when sombody new comes there is a bit of a learning curve.  It´s been a little stressful because my room is tiny… it was small with just two of us… my room in the house in utah is bigger then what we have here… but there are three of us haha….  But there are also benafits, now there is somone else to help pay for taxis and pizza haha.
      Thankfully we all get along pretty well here, sometimes it get´s a little far because we are three guys but hey, it´s alot of fun.
      I´m pretty excited for Christmas, obviously to get to talk to yall.  This week is going to be pretty relaxed.  Tomorrow we have the Christmas party with the mission, which will be an all day thing.  On wednesday p-day starts at 2 o clock in the afternoon and goes all the way through thursday (Christmas).  Christmas here is so crazy with drinkning and parties that we can{t really do much in these days.
      I htink that´s prety much all i´ll say…. la flojera me ganó…..
Los amo muchísimo.
Elder Griffin

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