2 March 2015

Well hello hello!!!

      This week was a mixed week of the good the bad and the ugly and everything in between.  The week was really slow as far as teaching but somehow we had a lot of really cool things happen this week.
      The first big thing that happened this week, as i´m sure you can tell by the picture, alonso got baptised this week!  It was really cool because in the begining he was really shy and didn´t really talk much.  But now that he has been baptised, he has really changed, he seems happy and talks and jokes around with us all of the time.  I really think that he will be able to make a lot of progress and even serve ina mission here in a few years….  His dad was super happy too, he had felt a lot of guilt because his son didn´t know anything about the church and had never been baptised, but now that things are changeing, he just looks way happier.
      Another awesome thing is that we reactivated a lady named Rebecka.  We have been working with her and her family for a long time. she told us at the begining of the year that she wanted to be reactivated.  I honestly don´t know why it took so long… but she finally got through with the lessons and got her interview and is officially reactivated….
      On Friday, we got to go to the temple with the ward because we took converts and investigators, it was really cool but also really stressful.  We really wanted to take paul, but he disappeared for the whole week, we tried to find him to teach him family history and all that but we never found him so he wasn´t able to go.  It was kinda disappointing but hopefully next change we can set up a nother run to the temple.
      And the other interesting thing that happened is that yesterday my companion and i had a meeting yesterday with the stake president and all o the bishops in the stake.  And that was it… just us haha… it was pretty cool to be involved in a meeting like that, and not only there but participating as well.  We were able to talk about a few things that they were doing well as well as a few things that could be better.  It was a little annoying to have to go to another meeting but it turned out to be a very effective meeting.
      There is no transfer news… everything is the same.
DAD- That´s sweet that the utes lost… and i´m happy that Byu won… the jass as well… sounds like the perfect storm sports style….  it doesn´t sound like reggie got lost, he just got replaced….
MOM- That´s sad about Uncle Les…. you´ll have to let me know where everybody is going on there missions!!  And when is nataly due?
ANDY- That mini parade of homes sounds fun… why didn´t ya take a girl with ya?
Los amos un monton
-Elder Griffin

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