2 February 2015

Hello family….

      Well i guess i´ll get right into it… Paul did not get baptised…. He was all set to go and everything but… he couldn´t pass the interview, and really that isn´t a big deal, you just have to go and have another interview with somebody from the mission presidency, he just isn´t willing to do that.  So even though he is the best investigator that i have had on my mission, and that he was so prepared, his pride will not let him do what he really wants to do…. we talked with him for a long time trying to help him see that it would be the last thing to do before being bapitsed and being free…. but he just couldn´t see that. so that was a really rought day… actually the whole week was really rough because of that… but on the bright side, he called us today in the morning and wants to meet with us today, so we´ll see how that goes.
      But on the bright side of the missionary life, we ahve been working very hard with a couple named Johan and Jessica.  He is a member but she is not.  The problem is is that they are not married… the good thing is, this week, they commited to a marraige date. they also have a 1 month old child.  They are really cool, and the lessons are always super spiritual.  She actually said the words “it would be an honor to be baptised and a member of the church” so she is progressing very well.  The only problem is that becasue of taxes in Peru, they want to wait until april to be married, so that is a little far away, but hey, the want to be married, that has to be the first couple ever in peru to have that wish….
      So i went on a work exchange this week with one of the DL. it really is a standard thing, but it was cool because he is from ogden, he lives out by weber state and went to Syracuse.  So even though i hate his school, it was still fun to be able to talk about old ogden things, we now have a plan to go on a betos run when we both get back…. so that was cool.
      So i´m having trouble remembering a whole lot more from this week… so sorry this is like way short
DAD- what the heck… no super bowl info….
MOM- That´s cool what sister bates said, i´m gonna have to help the people here learn all that as well.
ANDY- I´m glad that you have been made party central, that is cool. hope your work calms down a bit….
ERIC- hey… quien es sara? me tienes que informar en todas las cosas, por favor amigo….
Los amo
-Elder Griffin
Perdón que la carta es demasiado corto… pero no puedo recordar muchas cosas en el momento

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