19 January 2015

Well hello hello!

      I´m glad to hear from you all….
      So Tuesday we had the big transfer meeting with all the missionarys in the mission (which is always way fun….).  Where i obviously recieved my nhew companion.  His name is Elder Dorson.  He is from Arizona, which means he is very white…. but it´s cool, there is a big difference between having what companions and haveing latin companions.  I´m not saying that one is better then other, but it´s just different….  He is pretty cool, we get along really well and i think that we are going to do some really good work here.
      So this week was a little rough for us… we just had to do a lot of weird zone leadery things that kind of hurt our time to be able to work in our sector… but it was still a good week and we saw and did some pretty weird and awesome things….
      So i´ll get the weird out of the way right now….  On wednesday, we got a call from a lady in the ward who said that she needed some help.  So we got to her house (with just and extra shirt to do a service in) when she told us that she needed help washing her dad… yes… i said washing her dad…. That is not a typo…. Any way… so she took into a room where we found her father sitting in a diaper… she then removed the diaper and said… carry him into the bathroom… where she then proceeded to give my companion a glove and some soap and said… go for it… so we went for it…  We then had to carry the now wet old man back into his room, where we then proceeded to dress him…. so as far as weird thing in the mission… that has to be like number 1… but we scored free lunch for a week so…. that´s cool….
      So Paul is doing pretty good… we have had a couple of really aweosme lesson with him this week.  We taught him the plan of salvacion the other day and it was aweosme…. he understoood everything.  He had a couple of really good questions, but he accepted the answers that we gave him.  The cool thing about him, is that he studies a ton, so the questions he has are really good questions… the conversations are always different and really interesting, and the spirit is always there which is a pretty cool bonus.  But he is oding great and really excited for his baptism.  He even promised that he was going to go to church on Sunday (he went the week before too).  But when sunday rolled around, he wasn´t there.  he just did´t jshow up to the meeting and didn´t answer his phone or anything.  We just lost contact.  So that really like, turned a hard week even harder.  But i have the faith that if he didn´t go to church was becasue he had like a big emergency come up because he just doesn´t disappear, if he is going to be late for a lesson he calls us… so something had to happen… i just hope it was nothing that is going to set him back….  But we won´t know until we get into contact with him.
      We have had a lot of little random meeting and things to do this week too.  We have been doing a lot of baptismal interviews… we also had a meeting with the stake president, the mission president, and the asistents to the President.  So we have just had a lot of things that have set us back… we also have interviews with the president tomorrow which means me and my comp are going to have to go and inspect all the rooms in the zone… which is cool, we just don´t know where he lives.   Also, on thursday, Elder Godoy from the 70 is coming to have a conference with us, he is the one that spoke in Portugues in conference… so that should be aweosme….
MOM- I don´t think you should clean a thing… you should just relax….  And nathan already came back? that´s crazy… when does Kevin get back?  Be sure you tell Sister Schofield hi for me!
DAD- That stinksabout the ducks… better luck next year…. but that is aweosme about the seahawks… i hope they can take it… how does new england look this year?
Los amo un montón
-Elder Griffin

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