16 February 2015

Well hello hello everybody!

      I´m glad to hear from ya´ll!
      This week has been pretty awesome!  First things first… as you can tell by the photo… Paul finally got baptised!!! it was great!!! It was a very long and stressful road to be honest… we spent a lot of days angry and sad, it was hard because he was so perfect but there were a couple of times where a really doubted if he was ever going to be baptised.  But thankfully, on Saturday he got baptised.  I even got to baptise him which was really cool because he was super nervious but at the end, when we were just standing in the water after the baptism, the spirit was very strong, he looked very content and very happy.  And then on Sunday he got confirmed and everything is hunky dory….
      And honestly apart from all of that, we have a lot of good things going here in the sector.  Alonso (the 11 year old kid)  Is doing great.  We have been able to teach him a lot these last few days and he seems to really like what we are teaching.  His parents are the best too.  We invited him to be baptised on the 28 of this month and he excepted.  He has also been to church twice already.  It´s great to see a family grow together and get ready to take these steps to be an eternal family,  I´m very excited to keep working with them because there is a lot that we can do to help this family and they are very prepared to accept and reaccept the Gospel.
      Johan and Jessica are doing great.  They were trying to get the marraige preps going but then the found out that the licences and permits and paperwork that they have to do only last a month… so that have to wait until march to even start getting these things going… but they are still progressing very well.  They came to the baptism on Saturday and loved it.  Jessica said that she felt like this was how we have to be baptised…. so that was one of the coolest things that i have heard on the mission.  I just wish that they would get married already because she is so ready to be baptised.  We just have a lot of good things going on here in the sector.
      So today for pday, we did a diferent type of pday.  We went to a park in Lima and gave out copies of the Book of Mormon.  A little while ago, i saw a video about a guy giving out books of mormon in a park in the states, i looked really cool.  So as a zone we decided to go in regular clothes with a box of books and just get them out to as many people as possible, it was a really awesome expirience and everybody seemed to have fun doing it.  And then we went to Chilis after ward and ate some good old american food.  so it was a pretty fun p day.
DAD- Valentines does exist here, it´s not as big but it does exist. And i haven´t heard anything about the drought.  I would kill for 6 feet of snow.  It is so hot here!!! we are now in the hottest time of the year… i´m melting
MOM- I wouldn´t call it a love for cooking… but a love for grilling is right on the spot haha….  You old people need to get more energy for these special holidays haha….
Los amo!!!
-Elder Griffin

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