15 December 2014

Well hello hello,

      Well it´s sure glad to hear from all of you….  Glad that everything is going good!
      Things here are going pretty good, little by little i´m adjusting to the life as a ZL haha.  We still had to do a little bit of running around this week but not nearly as much as last week haha.  We have actually been able to teach a few people this week… woo hoo!!
      We met a new investigator this week named Alcides.  We were actually looking for one of the unknown adresses and as usual, nobody was there. but as we were leaving, we ran into some guy and we jsut started talking to him.  We talked to him for about 15 minutes in the street and were just starting to leave when he said, “hey, would you like to come in for a minute?”  And so we went in and talked to him for another 30 minutes in his house.  He is a pretty good guy, he does have some problems, he is very angry with his kids who supposidly stole 15 thousand dollars from him and left him with pretty much nothing, but he says he is trying to work past all of that.  We have been able to talk to him a few different times this week.  The biggest problem that we have with him is that he talks a ton!  On one of the first lessons that we had with him, we got into his house and he started talking and talking and talking for about 40 minutes straight… we tried so hard to get a word or two in but he just went off….  But apart from that, he really is good, he has a lot of trust in us and like talking to us.  He didn´t come to church yesterday soi we are going to see why and try and help him go….
      We also had a really cool expirience yesterday.  We were walking around looking for people from the list of unkowns that the area sent us, and weren´t really having much luck.  So we decided to go and visit a recent convert.  As we were walking, some dude in a car about a half block from us called out “Elderes!”.  So we started talking to him and he told us that about 8 months ago he found the website mormon.org, and that he started talking to a missionary over the web on that chat room thing that they have in that page.  He said that he asked for the missionaries to come to his house but they never showed up… and that he had lost contact with them until he saw us!  He was really excited and invited us to go to his house tomorrow.  He also asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon.  So i{m pretty excited to go and talk to him tomorrow, i feel like he is going to progress a lot.  His name is Enrique.
      So… i just got off the phone with the asistentes, and they told me that i am also now going to be in a trio, because an elder has to go home for medical reasons.  I´m not sure how this is going to work because i´m in right now probably the saddest room i´ve been in… it´s way small….  us two barely fit….  i guess this is just another responsibility of being ZL….
DAD- How can we have a christmas in Utah without snow? doesn´t that qualify for cruel and unuaual punishment?  Glad that BYU at least beat weber… that would have been a little emberassing if the didn´t.
MOM- Don´t worry, i´ll be able to get those things to Elder Arias.  And my companion is ZL too, but he only has 1 transfer in the sector and as ZL…. like i said, the apartment is little….
ANDY- What kind of activities are you going to have for your party? when are you going to do it?  When are you heading to utah for Christmas?
ERIC- Good luck with finals!  In your mission there were zone leaders with normal comps? in my mission both the elders in the companionship are ZL´s… was there another ZL in your zone or were you it?
Los amo mucho… recuerden a compartir la Dádiva!
-Elder Griffin

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