12 January 2015

Hey hey hey!

      Glad to hear that everything is going good back home(and i hope that everything went or is going good in hawaii….)
      Things here are going pretty good, this week has really helped me be excited to work and to keep going.  We have been working a lot with Paul, we usually have a lesson with him everyday, which means he is progressing really fast….  We have taught him a few different lessons and he really seems to understand and accept what we teach.  I never have had an investigator like hime before.  Whatever we leave him to read, he reads, marks it, and takes notes on it.  Then when we come the next time, the first thing we do is go over all that he has read and help him understand 1 or 2 things that he didn´t understand.  But it really blows me away how much he understands and remembers.  Given the dificulties that he has, it amazes me that he rembers and lears so well….  We also invited him to be baptised on the 31 of this month and he said yes… so WOOOOHHH!!!!  And not only that, he is getting his mom excited to participate as well…. He and his mom come to a baptism with us on Saturday.  And then he came to church the next day and really seemed to enjoy it… i´m very excited to keep working with him, he has such a desire to change his life, and he is really convinced that he needs to do it with us….  So he pretty much rocks….
      We are also working with a family named the Silva Family.  They are a less active family and we have been working with them for a while.  One of the daughters usually attends church but the others not much… but these last two weeks, a lot more of them have been coming to church as well.  The mom told us the other day that she made a goial to be reactivated this year.. so that´s been her drive, and the example that she is showing, is giving all of her family a lot of energy to go as well.  But one of the greatest parts, is that they have a friend, a 14 year old girl named Juliana, who is always with them… she is not a member…. a while ago she talked with the missionarys and wanted to be baptised, but her parents wouldn´t let her.  I can´t say that we have been focusing on her, but i think that we can say that the contact we have, really is going to help her keep that desire until she can be baptised, especially if this family can be an example to her.  We really have high hopes with this family and juliana…
      So today is not pday because tomorrow is transfers…. we know i will be gettin a new companion because Elder Apaza has finished his mission…. so i´m pretty excited to see who will be my new companion….  I´ll have to let ya know who it is next week haha….
      So with tranfers, we have been informed that one of the sectors in my ward is getting shut down (with all the missionarys that are leaving this change there are not enough to keep all of the sectors open).  So my secotr is going to have to absorb a ton of the sector that got shut… so this week will be a lot of exploring
      Soo…. i think i´ll keep this a little short sorry… There will be more excitement next week….
DAD- We still haven´t been able to find a room that fits in the rules… but we are at least out of the trio so… there is a little more space….  So you kinda got only a sad little winter of snow then… i guess jon didn´t get much of a work out this year then….  That´s pretty sweet about the Hawks and the ducks… be sure you let me know who wins!
MOM- So we don´t ride right on the beach, but we ride on the road next to the beach… the bikes are actually really crappy… but it´s fun because i love bikes…  And you´re right… my list of girls to date has gotten very short these last few months….  Where is that new theater thing?… what movie did you see?…
ANDY- That´s cool that you get to be involoved in all these secret apple projects… how many pages online have been part of building?
ERIC- Que bueno que estas tomando una clase de español… ahora no te vas a olvidar todo jaja… manda saludos a monica para mi. ojala que todo te vaya bien en universidad….
Los amo un montón….
-Elder Griffin

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