1 December 2014

Well hello hello!

      It´s good to hear from everybody!
      This week was alright… Can´t say that it was the best week but i also can´t say that it was the worst week either….  Sadly we had more then a couple of lessons fall through.
      But i can say that we had a couple of really great expiriences.  For the las couple of weeks, i´ve been thinking a lot about the spirit and how i can recieve the most detailed impressions possible, because i´ve heard a lot of stories about missionary´s that had these impressions so specific that led them to miracles.  And i´ve been thinking a lot about that and how i can become that missionary.  Anyway, this week, i feel like i have made a lot of progress in that area, i´ll mention 2 quick ones.  The first one, we were walking down a street where we had 2 investigators, sadly neither of them were there, so we just kept going, trying to find something effective to do.  So i thought that maybe we should knock doors.  But we kept going.  But a couple of doors later a got the same idea, so i looked at all the doors on the street, and just went to the one that felt the best.  And behing that door, we just happened to meet a lady named Lucy.  She listened to the missionarys a while ago, she has even gone to church a couple of times!  We had a really good conversation with her and i am excited to talk with her more, the problem is that we haven´t been able to find her since then haha….  The other really cool one happened with Maria, we met her a couple of week ago, and we have taught her a couple of times but not real like constantly.  So the other day, we were on the other side of the sector and our lesson fell through, so we decided to go and visit her… and we actually found her!  And the lesson that we had was really cool.  She opened up about a lot of diferent problems that she is facing right now…. i feel like we got there at the right time to help her with all of her problems, it´s really an awesome expirience when the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time…
      Thursday was also a great day… we got ourselves some turkey haha.  I honestly don´t know that if i have ever seen a bigger turkey in my life haha, i guess it had to be because there were like 18 missionarys… she even made us some pie.  Sadly there was no pashed potatoes, stuffing, or gravy,  but the feeling was amazing, during a day that is usually  little hard, we felt so great and such a homely feeling, it was a great to be around friends with a very loving family, eating a giant turkey.  (i´ll send the pics next week)
      So the other thing that i´ll coment was saturday.  We have been trying to have Family night with one family every week, but a big familiy night where we invite a ton of people.  We got there at 7… and there was nobody there… not aperson, but we decided to stick around for a bit with the family.  At 7:30 some people finally started showing up and at 8 we had a lot of people.  Anyway, we did that lesson with candy and pushups that the elders did in our ward a couple of years ago.  It was really cool and really spiritual, the lesson went really well and i really feel like we touched the hearts of all the people that were there.  But i did have to do a lot of puch ups…
Anyway, today isn´t p-day because tomorrow is change day… so were working like normal
Pues, me tengo que ir, disculparme que no he podido contestar las preguntas
Los amo,
-Elder Griffin

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