6 October

Well hello hello!!!
Sounds like everything is going good back home…. Even through all of your lies about conference…..
Things here are going pretty good…. we had some issues with our schedule this last week due to P-day. On sunday we got a call from our district lider who told us that p-day had been moved to wednesday to go to the temple… it´s great to go to the temple and all, but more of a warning would have been amazing because we scheduled like 5 lessons that day that we then had to cancel…. and then tuesday in the night… we got another call from the district leader who told us that there was another problem with scheduling with the temple and that we would be going on thursday… the other day that we had like 6 lessons (including one with mery). So through all of that… we lost about 8 lessons…. because everybody on wednesday wasn´t there because we told them that we wouldn´t be able to go…. and then the same thing on thrusday… it was a little frustrating…. but it was a great expirience to go to the temple…. while we were in the temple, feeling the spirit and what not…. When an earthquake hit…. it was nuts!!! things were falling from the ceiling and everybody was diving under chairs and tables!!! Ok that´s not true… an earthquake did hit… but we didn´t feel a thing in the temple…. we heard hit and know that it had hit…. but didn´t feel a thing… it was a really cool expirience to have in the temple… I guess it really is the house of the Lord….
So we had a pretty cool expirience on Tuesday too. We had a member with us the whole day… a member who has a few minor problems mentally, but nothing to huge, but it does make us move a little slower to have him with us… but anyway… we were going from lesson to lesson but a couple of them fell through…. so we decided to go and visit another old investigator. As we were walking, I was thinking about the fastest way to get to his house, but something wouldn´t let me go that way, but take another way that we never take to get there. But while we were walking, we ran into Mery!!! And she was outside of the house of a member of the ward!!! so we talked to her for a minute on the street until the member came out and let us all in her house!!! it was so amazing because we then had a super spiritual lesson with her!!! We really saw some amazing progress and learned a lot more about why she couldn´t go to church… as it turns out, she and her family, love the church and how they feel. But when they got home from church, their aunt attacked them and started yelling at them because they are sinners for looking into another church when they already have one…. so they didn´t want to go to church the next week to cause more problems…. but we are helping her to realize how important it is to assist and now we have 2 lessons with her this week.
On wednesday we had a huge talent show with all the ward…. i was really nervous because i didn´t think that the ward was getting super excited about it. But they really pulled through, we had like 7 investigators there and the talents were aweosme!!! some of the talents include but are not limited to, the relief society dancing to footloose, the high priests playing and singing old school spanish salsa, and of course, us. My companion plays the guitar really good so we did a little skit and then sang a childs prayer… we pretty much stole the show… it rocked haha….
I don´t remember what day it was, but this week, we had our first lesson with Benjamin, the husband of Vilma. It was really coolbecause he has never really talked to us before. But that day, he came right in and started talking to us. We then talked with him about prayer and he then accepted another day for a lesson so that was cool…. but the coolest thing was when we met up with his grand-daughter in the street. She told us that he told her, that the night that we talked to us, he had dreams about God all night…! So that is some pretty obvious progress….
So for all of my time here, we have had some problems with the ward council and just how this meeting are run, so this week, in a little bit of a desperation, we invited President Borg to come with us… i have never seen a ward council go so well…. At the end of the meeting, President Borg even asked if that´s how they normally get run because it was so perfect… we had to tell him no… but… we now know that they can do it. And i really hope that tomorrow, we see another councel like we did last week….
Oh… and the other day… some little kid peed on us in the street….. That´s a new expirience…

DAD- That´s pretty rough that literally every team lost this week… everything better go better this week… and are you just going to sell all of your old stuff?
MOM- So me and Jordan are the last 2 standing then… That´s really sad about Derrick and Christa… we´ll have to do some hard praying for them.
ANDY- Sounds like you had a fun little party in your house. I´d be down for that recipe, i have one for creepes but i don´t know if they are the same….

Pues… la hora esta terminando…. No puedo creer que estoy pasando la marca de un año. Todavía me siento muy nuevo aquí. El tiempo pasa rápido y tengo que aprovechar este año que viene. Amo a la misión y espero que estuvieran hablando la verdad del nuevo extensión jaja… los amo mucho. Que tengan una semana muy buena.
-Elder Griffin


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