3 November

Well hello hello!
Glad to hear that everything is going good back home! As always, i love hearing from ya´ll!
This week was a pretty good week even with all of the new challenges and responsibilities. We´ve been working a lot on finding and visiting members for references and PF´s. It´s a new expirience opening and having to just find a whole bunch of new people to teach, but i really feel like we are working hard and helping this area grow.
So mom asked a question that helps me lead into a story so hey, that worked out… as district leader, some of the responsibilities that i now have are giving all the baptismal interviews for the missionarys in my district, i also have to call the whole district 2 times a week to see how they are doing and how i can help them, and then i have to prepare and teach a half an hour class to teach to the district and help them learn based on what they are struggling with. So last district meeting, i taught about the Book of Mormon and how important it is for us and for the investigators. As part of the class, i challeneged each companionship to give out a number of books this week, to help them focus on th book of mormon. Everybody in the district was able to reach the goal, and they all have told me of a few really cool expiriences that they had. In my area, we also had some great expiriences, The one that i would like to tell is about Enrique. So this whole week i was super focused on trying to use the Book of Mormon and apply it to absolutly everybody, i felt very obligated to meet the goal because if i didn´t do it, how could i ask my district to? But anyway, we were visiting a member, and i wanted to leave, to go look for some people, we had had good visit with the Sister. So i told her thanks for letting us talk for a few minutes but we gotta run… she said ok… but she then invited us to a pop. So we drank, spent 10 more minutes in there, and left. Right at that minute, we meet a guy named Enrique. He actually yelled to us… in english, that usually just gets on my nerves a little bit because they usually can´t speak a word and yell just to mock me haha, but he speaks fluent english. He told us that he lived in the states for like 30 years (i guess that explains his english), but that he has had a ton of problems in his liffe and that he goofed up on a few occasions. But he was really receptive and gave us his address and said that he wants to talk more!!! I gave him a book of mormon and promised him and bore testimony about how it can change lives. We are going to look for him today….
I also found myself a gringo!!!! This is random and unimportant but kinda cool. There is a guy here who sells icecream (about the best that i can find) who is from colorado, He said he moved here with his wife and kids (his wife if peruvian) to get away from the government haha…. but his ice cream sure rocks!
Me and Elder Arias are doing good, he is slowly opening up a bit, he is still really quiet but he is a great guy. We get along pretty well.
So i have gotten the question about Christmas…. a few shirts whould be nice, mine are holding up well, but i can´t say that they are way white still haha ewwww. Maybe a pair of pants, i´ve lost two pairs…. And music, (anthing that invites the spirit) maybe some Mo tab with orcestra (i never mentioned this but the last USB wasn{t formated right…. it needs to be in MP3) and the only other thing right now that i can think of would be an electric razor, they are crazy expenisve here, that is more of a desire in place of need, i understand that that would be dificult to send because it would also require a power converter… so only if you can find those two things cheaply. Would it be too much to ask for you to send something for my comp? He has everything he needs, but not much more than that, so maybe just something fun….

DAD- Me and the new comp are doing good, he is a little quiet but i guess that is better then too loud right? and there are only 6 of us in my district, but i do have the only sister missionarys in my zone in the district. I´m glad weber did good this year, they´ve been needing a better season haha.
MOM- That sounds like a fun halloween… next year you should go trick or treating! Whn are kyle and tiffany supposd to have their baby? And the dinner here is really good, i might get a little fat here haha… they feed us a ton!

Pues, me tengo que ir….
los amo!
-Elder Griffin


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