29 September

Well Hello hello everybody!
Glad to hear that everything is going good, even through bike crashes, pouring rain, and an injured kyle van noy…..
It has been a pretty good week here, a little slower then the last week but we were still able to feel the spirit and teach some people about the gospel… which is kinda what we do here haha.
One of the really cool things that has been happening these last couple of weeks have to do with a less active named Primativa. She sufferes very severly from depression and probably a lot worse. We have been visiting her about two times a week for the past month. At fist when we would go, she was very depressed and very sad, it broke my heart to be there with her sometimes. But in one lesson, we were with Hermano Lavado, and we decided to give her a blessing to try and lift her spirits. When we arrived at the very next lesson, she had make a 360. before she didn´t really smile or laugh or talk much, she wasn´t even leaving her house. But now when we are with her, she talks a lot and laughs a lot and she has even started going back to work in the morning! She still hasn´t been able to come to church but i feel like she is going to be there in one of the next weeks to visit the church again. The only thing more that she needs is to be visited by the members when we are not there. It´s something that we have been trying to get down for a couple of weeks but something that still hasn´t been done… i guess we just need to have a little bit more patience with them haha….
We were also finally able to talk to Santos (the husband of Gladis) again, after about two weeks of not being able to talk to them. We were able to talk to them tuesday, and we had a really amazing lesson with him and his 18 year old daughter Rose. We taught about the restauración and really decided to focus in the Book of Mormon. It was really powerful, i finally feel like they understand the importance of reading it. But that sly old dog satan sure didn´t like the lesson… he really attacked full force when we were leaving los compromisos… (sorry i´m having a little trouble with english today). Every time that we built the spirit up and were testifing about the Book of Mormon and it´s blessing, the dogs started barking, or somebody else in the house started yelling… but event with all of that, we were able to leave a pretty good compromiso about reading and coming to church… and well…. the were at church yesterday… so i guess the spirit is just stronger haha…. The only problem that we have now, is that on tuesday Santos is going to start working again, and it´s not a normal job, but he has to travel to some camp in some other part of Peru, where he will work and sleep there for 30 days straight, then come back for 7 days of rest…. that´s a big problem… and i have no idea what we are going to do about it….. but i have faith….
So speaking about people in church… Meri and Jorge were not able to go to church yesterday… so that was really disappointing because i feel like they are some of the best progressing investigators right now…. they had something from their kids school that they had to do…. but even though they couldn´t assist, they sent their kids with one of the families in the ward to take them to church… so mom, dad and one kid weren´t there, but i guess they like the church enough to send the other two kids to go… that really made me happy even though they couldn´t be there….
We also got into contact with a couple of new people this week. The first one that i want to write about is named Juan Carlos. He is a mechanic so that´s cool haha. We have already talked to him two times now and the lessons have been a little bit weird. The second time that we talked to him, he started right in asking us a whole bunch of questions about the other bible…. he said that one of his friends was telling him that we have a different bible that we use… that did lead us in nicely to the Book of Mormon, which is what we had planned to talk about anyway…. but after we had been explaing for a couple of minutes about the Book of Mormon, he started asking us about tithing because i guess one of his friends also told him that we only allow people to come into church if they pay first… so we also had to straighten that out a little bit…. It was a good lesson, but just a little frustrating with all of the rumours that he had heard… i guess that is just another way that Satan is trying to mess with us… by putting a bunch of false rumours about the church out there for our investigators to find… but that ended up helping us teach him about prayer and about how it can help us know the truth of all things…. so ha…..
The other guy that we came into contact with this week is names Leonides. He is surprisingly interested in our message… we met him contacting about 2 weeks ago… at that point he looked just kind of willing to talk a little bit, but we were able to set a lesson, but that fell through, but we set another lesson for this week… and we ended up talking to him! It wasn´t a real long lesson because we started late and had to go to a different lesson, but is was really awesome because we told him straight up that we didn´t have much time and he was actually very disappointed. It´s a little weird but it made me happy because it shows us that he actually does want to listen and talk with us and that he actually trust us and enjoys being with us. So we have another lesson this week and i am very excited to talk to him.
One of the things that i think made my week so much better happened on Wednesday. I got a letter from Yanina, the woman that we baptised in my first ward. Her letter was really awesome because it talked about the progress that has made so far in the gospel in these last 6 months. She told me that the other month, her mom got baptised too, and that they went to the temple to be baptised for her grandma and other family members. I love that she has already gotten to have this amazing expiriences because it means that she is truly converted to the gospel, and that is what i am here to do, help people come unto Christ. She also told me that in Augost she finished the Book of Mormon and how much it has helped her life… that letter really helped me haha.
I also wanted to share one thing really cool that i learned in the Book of Mormon the other day, I was reading in 1 nephi chapter 11 when i found something really cool in verse 1 it says-
“And it came to pass after I had desired to know the things that my father had seen, and believing that the Lord was able to make thm known unto me, as i sat pondering in my heart I was caught away in the spirit of the Lord….”
I really like this scripture. I like it because it talks about how we can recieve answers and revelation because after this, it talks about a lot of revelations that nephi had that later were completed. But what is important is the process that he shows us. Firstly he had the desire to know the things that his father saw, he also had faith that the Lord could complete what he was asking, and finally, he pondered, he thought and looked for an answer, and that is when he was able to find the answers and so many things more. I love that because that is what we need to do to recieve answers and that if we do it in this way, we will find our answers and so much more…. just something i thought to share haha….

DAD- That photo shoot sounds pretty fun, i´ve never been to capital reef either. We´ll have to go sometime! And that rocks about Weber, i guess they´re doing pretty good this year…. So without Van Noy, who do we have for defense? And now i can sleep peacfully knowing that we know have access to Top Gear and more!
MOM- We haven´t had much contact with Eva or Patty, but we have a lesson later this week with Patty and are still trying to talk to Eva again. I think the biggest thing here that keeps them from coming is Work, i don´t think that there are many labor laws so if you want to work, you have to do pretty much whatever they tell you. I did hear that the womans conference was pretty good, i might have to read it when the Liahona gets here haha
ANDY- That´s pretty cool that you get to do this toutering thing… do you help them with school work or is it more gospel oriented? And that´s way cool about the convert, that´s always the coolest part, how much happier they are with the gospel.
ERIC- ¿Entonces este parque ya esta listo a usar? chevere. y ¿como esta tu bicicleta? Tu historia de la menos activa es muy lindo, ¿por cuanto tiempo ella estará en Utah y porque ella está allí?
ALL- Now remember… you can´t say anything about conference in your next letters… you have to wait one week ok????!!!!!!

Los amo bastante
-Elder Griffin


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