27 October

Wow… i think i´ll just jump right into all that has happened this last week….
So i told you last week that they called me as a trainer again, and come to find out, i´m training a new kid, fresh off the plane, but he is peruvian so he speaks spanish already haha. But it was a bit of a reality check i guess, or more of a humility check… some kind of check i don´t know…. This is a really common thing but it doesn´t make it much easier. Anyway the check was that when we went get his stuff, he only had one medium sized suitcase, it was a little hard cuz i´ve got three, big, medium and small. And that is just the first of all the differences. With Elder Hurtado, i got lucky that he was very well prepared and had a good foundation with the gospel. My new campanion, Elder Arias, who is from Cusco Peru (where machu pichu is). Just completed two years as a member… so he doesn´t quite have that solid background like a lot of people have, and it isn´t a promblem at all, i hope it doesn´t sound like i´m complaining because he really is a great guy. We get along fine, he is on the quieter side of life, but little by little he is getting more comfortable.
Second part to the triple whammy, i got transferred to a new area…. so not only am i training, but i am opening a sector as well. My new area is Habish 2, in the Palao stake…. It´s a really good ward, we get a lot of support, but it is a little rough because well… we don´t know anything…. The other really cool part about this ward, is that my second companion, Elder Rodriguez, served in this ward too, just in the sector that existed before. And in this ward, we eat dinner with the members everynight for free! That´s always nice!! It would be a lie to say that i wasn´t sad to leave Condevilla, i felt like we had finally gotten some ground made, they are going to have an amazing transfer. Joel should be getting baptised next saturday, but the Lord has his planes, i´ll just have to work hard here and find the people that are waiting and prepared.
So funny story about our first night. When we got to the room, after an hour and a half taxi ride (it shouldn´t have been that long, we should never be in a taxi for an hour and a half, our mission isn´t big enough to do that, the traffic was just horrible) we got to our room, which is a pretty nice room, it´s a garage but that means that there is a lot of space haha. We opened the doors and saw… That nothing was put together. The desks where still in a box, unbuilt, the clothes rack as well. The beds weren´t put together either…. There weren´t even mattresses yet…. Just so ya know, this never happens, the missionarys in the offices always set everything up for the new sector, but for some reason or another, nothing was put together. So our ZL´s went and found our mattresses in another secotor and brough them to us. So that night we just threw the mattresses on the floor and slept… that was different. We then spent all of the next day putting all of our things together, and we only had 4 bad screwdrivers to do it with… but hey, i can now put together everything that they give the apartments….
So i have a really weird story too…. Yesterday we were working and walking in the street, and we ran into a member from a different mission. We talked to him for a while and it was really cool and chill. He then asked me where i´m from, so i told him Utah. He asked me what city, now i always laugh when they ask what city because nobody knows Ogden…. But i told him, and he was like “Hey i love Ogden!” I was like “you know ogden?” so he is some personal trainer and goes to the states everynow and again for trainging things… he then said that he know a couple of families in ogden, one of which, is the Finlaysen family! It´s a very small world… so i am from some city in utah, i came to peru and i´m some other small little town, and i met a guy from a different small town, who know people that live in my small town!!! You now have to say hello to the finlaysen family from Luis and Caty Chavez…. go figure…
And the third whammy! So on top of training and opening a sector, i have been made District leader too… for the first time…. But hey, i now have more knowledge about furnature and free dinner, so i can´t really complain……….

MOM- So that training thing… i don´t have anymore info on it, i didn´t get the invitation to go back, gladly…. That´s awesome that Ben is on his way out, who from the ward is serving right now? And that is crazy about Rod, i really hope that everything is ok…. By the way, Jaylyn Taggert wrote me today, she´s engaged! Be sure to tell her congradulations (if you ever see her haha)!
ANDY- So you´re doing that cool carve and paint again… that´s pretty cool, i´m excited for the pictures. And i think it´s cool that your bishop does that, i imagine that it actually really helps the ward….

Pues, eso es todo… una semana poco loca, pero bueno, tengo que tener confianza que el Señor me ayudará con todo aquellos deberes nuevos.

Los amo un montón,
-Elder Griffin


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