24 November

Well hello hello
This week has been a pretty good week, we are still going through a little bit of a rough patch… but there aint notin like hard work to get through them tough times!
One of the cool things that happened this week happened on Wednesday. We have started to do big family home evenings in the ward every week where the member can invite their friends and for everybody to come and have a good time. This week we held it in the house of a less active, they went through the process of inviting everybody in the ward in sacrament meeting, so i thought wow, their house is a little small but hey, Jesus fed 5 thousand with a couple pieces of bread and fish…. So anyway, the day of the family night, we invited people and the ward said that they would be there and…. nobody was there… it was really disappointing because they invited everybody in the ward… needless to say, i was just a little bit frustrated with the ward… but i think it was a real blessing in disguise because the only other people who showed up besides the family were the owners of the house, and they aren´t members. It was a little bit of a miracle because with only them, we could really focus on the needs of the investigators and not keeping everybody entertained, i left a little frustrated but at the same time, grateful that the family, who are technically less active, was able to present a few new investigators for us, so even though it was rough, it really was perfect.
So on Sunday it was missionary day, in this ward, every month they do a day for the missionarys in the sacrament where the missionarys give all of the talks. It was a pretty cool expirience. I chose to talk about charity. The cool thing was that i didn´t prepare much… just wrote down a few scriptures and stories and just kinda winged it…. But i feel like it went really well. The spirit was there and i felt like i reached the purpose of what i wanted to say.
Also on Sunday, we had some stake priesthood meeting that we had to go to. It was kinda cool because at the end, the stake president did kind of like a group discussion with everybody that was there. He askes for opinions and solutions to problems, the main thing that we talked about was unity in the ward. It was really cool to be able to be involved with a process like that, i even got up the courage to put my voice in. I talked about something Andy shared a while back about truly finding Zion in a community. It was really cool to see a stake look for answeres in even the newest priest, i think it really helped everybody to realize that every voice is important and that everybody can help.
So i am actually pretty excited for thanksgiving, Somtimes we get really lucky as gringos. There is some lady in the stake that wants to cook thanksgiving dinner for all of the Americans and their companions. She says she feels bad that we dont get to enjoy such a tradcion with our families so score!!! i just hope that she can cook turkey!

DAD- Haha yeah it´s startin to get hot down here… the more i´m here, the more a miss the cold and snow haha (is there snow there yet?). I gues that shows how out of the loop i am… i didn´t even know that milsap got traded…. Do the Jazz look like they´ll have any potential in the next coming years??
MOM- I had no idea that they were even building a new smiths… is it in the same place as the old one? So is this going to be a pretty big reunion with the fam? How long of a Christmas break will you get this year? I can´t think of anything else that i need besides a lot of candy haha… and this year it would be a lot better idea to use the lady instead of the regular mail… the mail has gotten really sketchy these last few months….
ANDY- How long are you going to be home? And im sure you did fine with your leading
JESS- it must have4 been some crash, i heard about it from tree people!!! I would say a mazda 3 or a little fiat would be pretty sweet….

Los amo
-Elder Griffin

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