20 October

Well hello hello!!
Sounds like everybody had a great week! Things here are going awesome! We have really seen a few really amazing miracles!
I don´t have a huge ton of time so i´ll try and focus on the things most awesome haha….
Easily the coolest thing that has happened this week was finding a guy named Joel. We meet him a couple of weeks ago but we really haven´t had much luck finiding him for a while (he is the brother of Christian). But anyway… we went to look for Christian on Monday, and ended up finding Joel, and he was just chilling outside his house thinking about all of the bad things that he had done in his life and how he needs to change his life to be able to feel peace in his life…. So that is pretty much like, the best circumstances ever for missionaries to find somebody…. so we talked to him for a few minutes outside his house and then set a lesson for the vfery next day in the church. So the next day we had the first lesson with him, and we did it in a very cool way. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We really decided to focus on repentance and how baptism completes the repentance process. As we moved to the part about baptism, we just happened to be in the baptismal room, so we walked over and opened the doors to the font…. it was really really powerful. We then talked about how baptism is the only way to be truly remised of sins. After that, we took him into the sacrament hall and explained that in there, is where we go to recieve repentance and renew our covenantes with our Father every week, we talked about how he can be clean every week in that room. We invited him to baptism and he accepted (his date is for the 8 of november). We then had a kneeling prayer in the sacramental, I can´t really explain how strong the spirit was… i´m not a big cryer (anymore) but man we were all fighting back tears…. It was probably one of the most powerful moments that i have had on my mission. We met with him again on thursday and made what we called a ¨plan of change¨ which was really just an excuse to help him know how to prepare for baptism. We then did something crazy and taught him Chastity, the word of wisdom, and the sabath day as part of this plan, we pretty much just threw a ton of information at him… and he accepted it without a problem… he is truely progressing and we are seeing miracles with him. He is truely prepared to enter the church at this time… i have met a lot of great people who i was pretty sure that they would be baptised, but the only other ones that were as prepared as Joes were Yanina and Vilma…. There is just something really special about him, something that you can see in his eyes that is something amazing and spectacular. He came to church yesterday and loved it. For all 3 hours he was smiling and felt the spirit. He told us that he hadn´t felt peace in his life for years until we found him on monday. He looks forward to the lessons and even waits for us at the church for the lessons. He was running a little late to come to church, and we were outside waiting for him and he literally ran across some park to get there as fast as he could….
Maybe it´s bad… but that is like, the best part of the week and it really makes it hard to remember the rest of the week haha….
The sad part is…. We have transfers tomorrow, i got a call yesterday that i am going to be training again…. so that means that either me, or Elder Hurtado will have a transfer and well, he has been here for 3 months, and i have been here for 6 months…. I really don´t want to go because we are just starting to see a lot of really amazing success after a long time of working really hard… but the Lord has his plans. Now i just have to wait to see if his plan is for me to finsh training a missionary in his area, or to open an area with a brand new missionary…. but either way, i can only keep working hard…..
So we had a really weird activity with about 50 missionarys and the Mission President on Saturday. It was an all day thing…. I really wish a had more info on what it was… i was part of it but i´m still unsure on what the whol purpose was… i just know that there was some big push about marriage and the family… and that we were talking with high ranking military from Peru and people from the united nations…. we have more of these activities this week… so when i know more, i´ll let you all know….
O´m gonna cap it of their i think because it really doesn´t get any better then joel haha…..

Pues, los amo un montón. Que tengáis una semana buena y que podáis sentir el Espíritu mucho. Recordéis que Dios os ama, Él esta luchando por vuestro felicidad. (Eric, vas a ser el único que entiende el chiste de este español)

-Elder Griffin

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